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2TB Hitachi CoolSpin for $59.99 + free shipping after MIR


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I can't seem to tell how long this price is valid for...


Still a bit tempted to get a 3tb instead as that would "stay" in my system as I eventually migrate to 4tb drives.  (e.g, I'll keep a 3tb, but the 2tb's will become so much less "efficient" when the 4tb's are available)


Decisions, Decisions.

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The MIR expires on 7/31/11.


Any problems using this drive connected to SATA II 3.0 Gb/s ports?


Nope, no problem with that.  The drive itself is rated for SATA III but can't even saturate SATA I (which is true of all HDDs on the market today).  So the drive's performance on a SATA II port will be identical to that on a SATA I or SATA III port.

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Bummer I missed this!  I saw it earlier and didn't have a controller for it!  I just bought a SASLP today and was going to get a drive (or two) and now the rebate expired...  oh well  I'll have to wait for the next deal!




Not only that but the drives are $99 now.  I'm holding out for the next sale/rebate.


You have till tomorrow for the 3tb deal though http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822145493&cm_sp=Cat_Hard_Drives-_-Spotlight-_-22-145-493


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It's actually $110 after the mail in rebate...  That might be attractive enough to pull the trigger..


Yep, I was debating this for a while myself and decided to go ahead and do it.  I went to order them and noticed the rebate only allowed 2 drives rather than 5.  Odd as it may seem this made me change my mind and I decided to stick with the 2tb drives. 

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I think they are still $80 (79.99)...


But the 3TB might be an idea..  Maybe I'll replace my parity drive to free up a 2TB...


hmm... does my MB support the 3T drives...  hmm...


Interesting, they showed $99 for me earlier today (no $20 off which has pretty much been standard for months).  $79 now though.  I'll still wait for a better price.


Also got 5 $10 visa cards (turned into 5 $10 Newegg gift cards) a couple days ago from my last round of purchasing this drive. 

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