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how do you find out where faulty HDD drive is?


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Hi, II\m new here would liketo build my NAS server with UNRAID :) but I can't decide on the case yet.


Lian Li PC-A04



or better

Lian Li PC-9F



because you don't have to remove whole tray to change a single disk.


Problem: How do you see what the faulty drive is in a case there is no bad hdd leds like in special nas case?


I could buy HDD rack like this (this would require different case any suggestions)


or perhaps this i better



I'm looking forward for using 6HDD's max :) But these hdd enclosures do not have fault LED either so :/




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From my personal experience good notation of your drives makes all the difference.  I mark all my drives according to the unraid disk assignment page.  Parity, Disk1, Disk2, Disk3, and I place them in my cages the same way top to bottom or bottom to top, right to left, you just have to be consistent.  Also I label each drive by its disk number, brand, size and the last 4 of the serial number ie.. Parity WD2TB 4875, Disk1 WD2TB 2214 and so on.  By checking with the main page I can determine if disk 4 is faulty I can tell which one needs to be pulled. I know this isn't exactly what you had in mind but I would recommend detailed labeling for all unraid users.

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