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  1. They all are in the same direct attach storage case with the same backplane on the same controller. I have 2 SGI Rackable 3U 16 Bay SE3016 SAS Expander Chassis. I had them daisy chained to each because I only had a single port card in my computer. I discovered while trying to preclear some new drives that they were severely bottlenecked. When I realized it would take forever I got a two port card and moved each SE3016 to its own port. For some reason when I started the array I got those errors. Now I have 9 drives that had some kind of issue. I don't think there is anything wrong with them, I
  2. Hi All, I am having another problem with my system I hope I can get some help with. Currently I am on Unraid v6.8.3 (Nvidia Edition) and I have been waiting to finish my new backup system before updating to v6.9. I have purchased 10 14TB hard drives and was in the process of pre-clearing them. I have 12 8TB drives in my main case and 13 8TB drives in an external DAS case. In order to preclear then new 14TB drives I added a second DAS, daisy chained to the first one. I found that the limitations of my DAS cases are around 1,062MB/s and preclearing the drives would have taken fore
  3. Ok, the drive is in a DAS unit, so I can move it to another slot. I will give that a try. Thanks
  4. This may not help because I am not 100% sure of what you need, but I use Resilio Sync for some of the plugins I need on multiple computers. With that you can set up a single share between the 2 computers, skipping Unraid. I think if you use the free version it doesn't allow selective sync options, which means the master folder will be copied in its entirety to the other computer, but this might work for you. I just have a plugins folder on my desktop that is synced on all my gaming pc's, that way any mod is just drag and drop from the folder in to the games directory. There ar
  5. I would recommend midnight commander as well, mainly because it does the transfer on the Unraid server. If you employ the share method and then say use a windows computer to transfer the files from share to share, it will transfer over the network i.e.. Server Share A - desktop - Server Share B which would slow everything down. If you have a lot of data to move, Midnight Commander is much more efficient. If you want to get fancier, you can install Krusader in a docker container and make the transfer there, but it sounds like your just starting out so I might skip that until you are more fami
  6. Hey Yall, I woke up to an email from my Media Unraid server: Event: Unraid array errors Subject: Warning [MEDIA] - array has errors Description: Array has 1 disk with read errors Importance: warning Disk 15 - ST8000DM004-2CX188_WCT0NR2S (sds) (errors 4) I logged into the server this morning while at work, and saw that one of the drives was marked at fault with (4) errors. Not knowing what the error was, I shutdown the server until I was home later and could diagnose. I can home and pulled the flash drive and looked at the system log. Starting at
  7. OK, I'll put this on hold for now. Going to be out of action for the next two weeks. When I get back Ill swap all the parts with my duplicate system and see if i get the same errors. Then hopefully I can narrow down the problem, one by one. Thanks for the assistance!! -Alex
  8. Before I can change out all of the hardware to test the above hypothesis im trying to duplicate the data to another server. I strt the system and then intiate a transfer and see how much data can be pulled before it crashes. I just looked at my transfer and noticed it had stopped. So I logged into the web page, which displayed. I got three notifications about plugin updates, and when I clicked the plugins tab, the system refreshed to a blank page with the header still showing and the chrome busy icon in the tab. I quickly opened a terminal and tried to pull info from the syslog.
  9. Hmm, ok, I have an Identical system, I can try swapping all my drives over to that one and try to narrow it down to hardware or hw incompatibility if that seems like a viable option.
  10. Oh, right, I forgot about that. Sometimes it's hard to remember that your internet can go down. I have a dedicated gigabit synchronous fiber line that hasn't gone down in over a year, I forget that it is uncommon.
  11. It may be a bit overkill, but I use Duo on a few servers, it can push a request for login authentication to your device and allow you to approve it. It also has 2FA revolving codes, but I like the seamlessness of tapping "Approve" on my smartwatch instead of getting out my device, logging into Lastpass authenticator or Google or Auth, then typing in the codes. Duo or any 2FA isn't for everyone, but my vote would be to have it at least as an option.
  12. OK, Round two. I made the suggested changes from above; I also changed out my Marvell based HBA to an LSI model. I also upgraded to version 6.8.2 with the same results. I had thought the problem might have been solved, but the past week and a half my server really struggles to maintain any uptime. It locks up constantly, but I think I finally managed to get a log file that might help. In my last attempt to fix my problem myself, I erased my flash drive and started over, importing just a few settings from the old one. I thought maybe something on it was causing problems. Apparent
  13. Well it has been a few days, and I have been walking on eggshells when it comes to running my server. It seems that either turning off the ram overclock or changing the Power Supply Idle Control seems to have remedied my random reboot issue. Thank you and @Squid for the troubleshooting help. I have 2 days and 16 hours of uptime, which is way better than it has been in the past. I still have docker disabled but i'll work things back in one step at a time. A functioning system minus a few features is way better than no system at all. Thanks for the help!!
  14. Thanks for the help, I'll change the ram settings and look for the power setting when I get done with work. I would have done it this morning but I wanted to let memtest run for a good 24 hours. Could you tell me where that Ram chart came from? I guess I thought that because it was 3600 speed ram it wasnt really overclocked, even though I had to use XMP or DOCP. I think I remember the old days when it said 2667, 3200(OC), 3600(OC) on the box. I'll do some googling on the "typical current idle" too. Thanks
  15. Ah ok. Ill Reboot and start a Memtest Cycle