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  1. Oh, ok. Ouch, these 8TB take a while, but I guess that's the cost of doing business with large drives. Thanks for the help, it is greatly appreciated. Now I have to figure out why the thing crashed in the first place. On to the next mission....
  2. I guess I missed the part about it being a different log. My wife set down my dinner right as I was typing this up, so steak and potatoes made me read a bit faster than usual. I knew I was going to miss something, I so rarely have issues, that when one comes around I lose basic sense and become "that guy who can't rtfm". I've attached the log you requested. MEDIA-preclear.disk-20181009-0749.zip
  3. I'm experiencing a slight problem with gfjardim's preclear plugin. I was right in the middle of a 3 cycle run of preclears on 2x 8TB drives when my server locked up and the webUI and the local GUI were completely frozen. I was forced to hard reset the server. After coming on line and restarting my array, I was able to resume both preclear runs. One of them began running right from where it left off. The second drive seems to be stuck at "starting", but nothing is happening. That was over 12 hours ago. I left it overnight and while I was at work just in case. The preclear log for that run seems to be stuck at " Type Yes to proceed:" I'm running unRaid 6.5.2 Preclear Ver 2018.09.20 I know there are updates to both, I was right in the middle of clearing these drives, so I didn't want to change anything and have to start the process over. Any thoughts on what I can do to get this preclear to resume from where it left off, or do I need to start over? Can I update the preclear plugin while running a preclear on a drive? My first reaction was that I better not. Thanks for any help. syslog.txt
  4. I'm not sure if anyone noticed but the picture you uploaded of your Asus router shows you using 4-6MB/s. If your camera traffic really is only that much, and is traveling over the router, than its hardly any traffic at all. I may be missing something but it sounds like a different issue. I have a few cameras on my network and I have their settings turned down quite a bit so they use almost no traffic. If your bit rate and fps are low enough then you can mitigate the camera bandwidth. I would take a top down view of your network segments, specifically the wiring of file server to the backup server, server to media player and cameras to DVD computer. If any of these run on the same cable or the same switch fed from the same cable you could run into issues. I just finished transferring about 80TB of data from my Unraid server through my network to my backup computer at the other end. All while streaming videos on my and my wife's computer. I have a single cable going to my server room switch and all that traffic from all of my clients travels down one wire. So I should have experienced something similar I would think. I'm wondering if it was not a network traffic issue but a potential disk io problem. Perhaps the media you were streaming was on one of the drives being hampered by the file transfer. Curious to find a solution. I'm late to this party if your already ordering new network cards but I felt obligated to discuss some of the basic things I saw. But it is past my bed time so maybe I'm seeing things that aren't there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. If I'm understanding the problem correctly, your difficulty is that the default name for the diagnostic file is something like tower(date.string).zip and you have to many to easily sort when trying to help someone. If that's correct why not just suggest that people rename the diagnostics file when they upload it. Perhaps adding their forum user name to the beginning of the file name. The diagnostic file could also be generated with a random name. Then when you have a bunch in your downloads folder they could be someone easier to search for. At work we use number strings at the end of files to make searching for stuff easier. Something like (4070.86). While not as easily read by the human eye while scrolling it is super easy to search for in a couple of seconds. There should be a balance between changes the user can make to help people diagnose their system, but also still be easy for noobs to handle. While changing the server name is fairly easy, the wiki and most forum members refer to "Tower" when helping which could be somewhat confusing. Just a few thought. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Just out of curiosity is their a noise limit on your system you want to hit? That's an expensive case if you don't need the noise damping. You didn't list that as a requirement so I figured I'd ask to see if you might be able to sacrifice on a cheaper but noisier case.
  7. It will be a separate system. I will most likely plug in the 10 new drives periodically into my main desktop, use Drive Pool to mount all the drives as one large single disk, then use beyond compare (on my windows desktop) to sync the two systems. If the drives were not external I would just make another unRaid server, yet since they are, managing which drive has what data on it could become an issues. Right now I'm just trying copy all of my data to new drives, with having three disks down on my unRaid box it means I don't have any protection against other drive failures, so I'm backing it all up as fast as I can. Once that's finished I'm going to pull my three bad drives (all of which are the exact same models) plus one other disk of the same make. Im going to try and swap the control board to see if I can access the data, it could be that the bad back plane only smoked the control boards to the disks, not the disks themselves. If I can recover that data, then I will be super happy. Ill replace those three drives with new ones, reinitialize my array with the new disks, and bring it back online. At that point with my array back online and protected, I may void the warranty and pull my new 10 8TB drives out of their enclosures and put them in a new server box running unRaid, and run it as a backup that way. Super long and convoluted method perhaps, but its what I came up with as the best option I had. Right now I am still preclearing half of new drives @ 131 hours each, while also copying the first 8 array disk to the new external ones. I've been kicking myself this whole time, why didn't I move all of my hardware into this case, test it, THEN plug in the disks. My mistake of rushing through things my have cost me 12TB of files. Wont be making that mistake again.
  8. The 10 new 8TB drives are part of a separate build. I've needed to build an actual backup server for a while, but it's hard to do when you want to back up 80ish TB's of data. The best deal I could find on HDD was for 10 external USB drives. So despite the headache of that it was worth $20-30 less per drive to go that route. I'll use something like Drive Pool to map them all together then use beyond compare to sync them with my array. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Edit: can't quote proper portion on my phone Edit: there we go
  9. 86TB array with dual parity. Using 20 4TB disks and 1 6TB disk. 1 2TB Cache drive. Though I will say that I just lost three drives due to a Norco backplane failure so I'm down 12TB. I just purchased 10 8TB drives to make a backup though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Recently I swapped out my Supermicro MB and i3 540 for something will the little more power. I bough an Asrock x99 extreme6 and an Intel e5 2670v3 ES with 24GB of ram. I completed the swap of parts and added an extra AMD R7700 for graphics. Took forever to find a USB port that was recognized for booting, but finally I was able to get the system to boot properly. At this time I also upgraded from unRaid 6.2-rc4 to 6.2 and everything seemed to be fine. I started this upgrade because my old CPU was struggling to preclear 2 new 6TB drives, so I thought the extra CPU power would be a good thing. Got everything updated in the plugins department and went to town preclearing the new drives. I went to sleep that night and when I woke up my server was frozen. I have done some investigation after this went on for multiple days both while preclearing and while the server was idle. I finally got fed up with the issues and ran memtest, which apparently I forgot to run months ago when I got the hardware. My No1 ram stick was really bad. I pulled it and went down to 2 8GB sticks. I found the memory issues last night, so after booting back up I started preclearing 2 more 6TB drives. This morning I woke up and checked the status, unRaid was unresponsive. I didn't get a chance to check anything until just now after work. I have attached a screenshot of what was on my monitor at the time, as well as the diagnostics file. I know hardware problems can be tricky to diagnose, but I am wondering if its something I may have set up incorrectly in the UEFI. I have an odd setup where I have 12 drives inside the case with 8 hooked up to a Supermicro AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 and four on the MB sata ports. I have an additional 15 drives plugged into a DAS unit running to an internal Lsi Sas 9212-4I4E card. Nothing about the HBA's/Drive layout has changed since the MB swap, so I don't think its the issue, but I am willing to investigate as much as I can. Any Ideas? UnRaid Box Unraid 6.2 ° Asus x99 extreme6 ° Intel E52670v3ES ° 16GB Patriot DDR4 ° Corsair 850 PSU ° 6TB Toshiba Parity 1 ° 4TB Seagate Parity 2 ° 18 4TB Data drives XFS ° 2 6TB and 4 2TB drives in UA Devices ° 1TB Cache Drive ° AMD R7700 GPU ° No Dockers running at time but installed ° No VM's running at time but installed Anything I forgot? PS - I have fix common problems, one error regarding placement of my docker image, I just haven't gotten around to moving it yet. Sorry for the rotation on the photo, I didn't catch that at upload Update 1: Server has been running for 5 hours now, I found a post from RobJ about enableing troubleshooting mode in the Fix Common Problems plugin, so I turned that on. Guess that should have been one of my first steps. With that running I have restarted both preclears on my free 6TB drives. Hopefully I will be able to add more information tomorrow after work. tower-diagnostics-20161003-1621.zip
  11. Forget WM, does it report your CPU as running at 6.3GHz? Wow that's a nice overclock [emoji1] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Hmm, I have no experience an airport router I only have Windows computers and Unraid. In my case though using SMB when my internet is down (which is frequent) I can still reach my SMB shares. I can't think of any reason why your router would behave differently. I'm at a loss for where to go from here, you may need assistance from someone with a more mixed network, the only iDevice I have is my iPhone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Normally I would think that local DNS records should be cached in your router and having internet should have no effect on local DNS queries. It may be that the DNS functionality of your router becomes borked if there is no internet but I have never experienced that with my router. I have dsl and a modem router combo from Netgear, your modem may be different and that may affect your results. Any local DNS query should be recognized as internal by you router and forwarded properly without Internet. You could try pulling your internet manually then test your connections to your Unraid box via ping. I would pig your router ip along with your Unraid box. Do you use any static ip addresses for your internal network? Maybe without internet your routers dhcp settings are disabled, never seen that but I guess it could be possible. -Alex Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I run Server 2012 R2 with the essentials role at home to test and play with. It uses a nice user friendly GUI to do a lot of the management of client computers and users. I'd give that a try as an intermediate step to running the full blown Server 2012R2. You will still have to configure DNS and DHCP manually if you want them (highly suggest at least DNS if using Active Directory). There are some limitations to essentials but I think it's definitely worth it to try installing that role first. Makes it easy to manage users, client computer backups and updates. Plus has a great anywhere access feature that works well if you don't have a static ip. You can get an address like mysite.remotewebaccess.com that you can log into. That site configures RDP settings so you can RDP into any computer you want without opening a bunch of ports on the firewall you have to remember. Any questions feel free to PM me if you want, I run multiple server 2012r2's at home and have reached my end and am now moving to Zentyal as my next DIY project. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Gotcha. Like I said I don't know a whole lot about Unraid dockers vs regular docker. I'm in no rush, just some added management fetures in the newer version I was hoping to get access to. Thanks for the help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Version 6.19 and only happens with my one unassigned drive using the plugin. What is the File System of the drive in Unassigned Devices? I have a mixture of XFS and NTFS drives and have experienced issues with my NTFS drives and old ACL's (access control list) on the drive. I have also seen issues where the permissions in the Windows credential manager prevent me from opening drives via //tower but not //IP.address. So every now and then I go into the credential manager and delete all of my unRaid stored credentials and reboot my computer. Just a thought.
  17. I've tried searching for this information on both google and the unraid forums but I could not find what I needed. How can I update this version of MySQL. According to the MySQL workbench I'm currently running 5.5.49-0ubunti0.14.04.1, is there any way to upgrade to 5.7.14? When I click check for updates it claims it's up to date, is that because this isn't the official MySQL docker and therefore does not have the same update path? I deleted the entire docker once already and tried to install it as a new docker container, yet it still had the same version number, I thought I remembered an issue with unraid Pre 6.2 having issues with updating. Currently im running UnRaid 6.2.0-rc2. I have RC3 at home and have the exact same issue with this docker. I guess I just don't know a whole lot about the whole docker on UnRaid yet.
  18. I'm in a similar boat as you. I have 15 4TB drives that are at about 97% full. I just added two new drives and wish to move some data around. Unfortunately as far as I'm aware there is no way to re balance data to those drives. So I have been logging in to my server via ssh and moving it manually in midnight commander. It's slow but at least it works. A word of caution though, if you go this route and do it manually do not copy from a disk to a share. You must copy from disk to disk otherwise you will corrupt your data. In my case all of my top level shares can use any disk so I just copy from /disk1/media/movies/hd/files-to-be-moved to /diskx/media/movies/hd/destination. Though d pending on your folder structure you may have to create some folders manually if they are several layers deep. I don't know of any automatic way though, it's all manual. In my case it's really a pain when your working with 17 disks. Though I would ask why you want to move them. If your disks use xfs than I don't think there is a performance issue with very full drives like RieserFS has. Just my two cents. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. If it was doing it before with your other components than it would have to be your PSU. I doubt your case is causing the issue after all. [emoji3] All kidding aside the only components you didn't replace (I'm assuming) are the hdd's, the flash drive, the psu and the case. Easy thing to try, change your flash drive for another one to test it for a bit. But it's probably your power supply. I don't know about load testing your psu, I would just swap it for a new one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Please please please. I'm very interested in knowing too. Me too would be very interested! So your engineering sample supports vt-d? i was worried after reading what JustJoshin said that some early es chips have vt-d disabled. I have a e5 2690 v3 es base 2.4 all core turbo 2.9 on its way at the moment hope to have it by the weekend OK, here are my results of testing "gamming scenarios" on my system. Here is the official info on the non ES version http://ark.intel.com/products/81709/Intel-Xeon-Processor-E5-2670-v3-30M-Cache-2_30-GHz. On the ark site note it says base frequency of 2.3GHz, Max Turbo frequency 3.1GHz. My actual testing on my ES shows 2.2GHz - 2.61GHz. CPU-Z shows 2.20GHz specification, but by changing the Processor Power Management (Windows 10) I was able to keep it at 2.5GHz. OK continuing with the specs I have 24GBs DDR4 on an ASRock Extream6 x99 mb with a 120gb ssd. I have a AMD R9-380 and a GeForce 210. The GeForce is not being used at the moment but it is plugged in the MB. The R9-380 is driving a 40" Phillips 4k display at 60Hz via the Display Port. I am attaching several pictures (Via imgurhttp://imgur.com/a/KGc6u) with this post so you can see the information. Im not into bench marking very much so I just used the basics that I had. I ran Unigine Heaven at 1080p Windowed (just to see what would happen, in my experience this requires more cpu/gpu than full screen). FPS was 68.6, Score: 1727 ( I don't know if that's good or bad) Min FPS 8.6 (ouch) Max was 135.8 (yay). I thought it looked great (oh I might mention I didn't check to see if Vsync was on, I found it on when playing GTA-V), it wasn't flawless like it is on my main system (5960x, 64GB ram, 2 R9-Fury's in crossfire, with a 950 Pro M.2 NVME, 2 850 Evo's and 2 WD Red 8TB @4K) but it still looked great. If your familiar with the unigine benchmark then you will understand the following reference, the only time it really had trouble was in the first few scenes when it transitioned to the night versions. It stuttered slightly in the beginning of this section but evened out quickly. I think this was the section that caused the 8.6fps low. Ok so with the benchmark out of the way, how did it perform in an actual game? I wanted to run several games that in my opinion stress the system, however I couldn't make up my mind on where to start. I popped Crysis, Crysis 2, Far Cry 4, and GTA-v on a thumb drive to start. That's when I realized I only had a 120GB ssd as my only drive. So I transferred over GTA-V and completely filled the drive. I ran GTA-V on my older computer (AMD FX-8350, 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3, 1 R9-280 and three 27" 1080p displays) and that was my main system until the new 5960x I just built. So I was confident that I would be able to compare the two experiences. So I cranked the settings in GTA-V way higher than my R9-280 could do and let her rip. Man was it bad (btw GTA-V warned me as soon as I started the game that the processor was below the minimum threshold for the game and I could experience performance issues). At first I thought it was the slow processor, to be honest I wasn't expecting it to be great, but we all know how most games use the GPU more than the CPU. So I decided to look at the graphics settings. Low and behold this is when I found Vsync was on. I disabled that and everything smoothed out immediate. Buttery smooth. I think that most of today's games need much more GPU power than CPU, I think this chips low frequency is not really a problem when in game. Starting the game and loading the scenes took longer than I remember, that might be the SSD though, I haven't bench marked that at all so it could be the bottle neck. Once in game though I had no issues (other than trying to drive with the keyboard). I went through the first 2 missions, drove around the city, shot some people, ran from the cops, the usual. I had no stuttering when traveling very fast from one area to the next, (I had small issues on my 8350 system in the past when going really fast from one end of the city to the other). All in all I would say this should be able to handle games quite nicely. Provided you had another video card I could easily see you running 2 gaming computers off this chip. I didn't see the cores use hardly anything. So running a 1080p windowed game on a 4k monitor, no problem. I'm posting my game settings too so you can see I had many of the settings cranked. Moving on to VT-D. This one was a bit harder to discover. I know its enabled in the bios, but I don't know if that means the MB hardware is capable when using a VT-D cpu. I found a program called SecurAble which supposedly tells you if you have VT-D. I attached a screenshot of that as well. It says Yes for HW Virtualization but that may just be VT-x. So I'm still not 100% on that one. If any of you know a definitive way of checking let me know, because this info isn't exactly on Ark. In conclusion I would say in my case using the 2670v3 which is fairly slow, I experienced no real issues in gaming. I can continue to test this, but to be honest I'm still more interested in playing with my new 5960x rig, this 2670 is kind of on the back burner for me, but I'm willing to keep looking into it if anyone wants. I think a game like Crysis (1-2-3 I have them all) might use the CPU more but i don't know for sure. I have many other games on steam so if you want me to check ask me the name of a game and I might have it to try.
  21. I'm at work now so I'm not 100% sure on vt-d. I know it's enabled on my mb and I swear I saw it somewhere. I will double check later. Also I have read that it is/can be enabled depending on the Es revision. For each Es chip their are several revisions that go out. So it may be some are and some are not enabled.
  22. FYI from the link you posted I thought you could like to know that you can't run dual 1660's. That chip only works in single cpu configurations. I also wanted to run that same setup. Op, I have a recently purchased E5-2670v3 es that has a stock speed of 2.2ghz. I have just been running stock win10 on it. I have steam on it but I have only streamed games from one of my other computers. I'll load up some crysis 3 tomorrow after work and let you know how the performance compares to my 5960x computer and my 8350 computer. If it runs on my 2.2 chip, yours should be fine.
  23. What exactly is a parent / child share, and what is your goal in creating one? (I ask because there might be another approach that does work) Having one share that I can mount on 4 computers, which is read only for everyone. So the parent share can be documents (read only), then under the documents share, I can have different shares for different users. One for me, one for my brother, one for my mother etc, which is read/write for the correct user and nobody else have access to that folder. Then I would not get so many network mappings, and it would look a loot cleaner. I'm struggling to understand your description of what you want to achieve. When you say "I can have different shares for different users" do you mean "I can have different folders for different users"? In which case everyone mounts a single share called "documents", which contains three sub-folders "me", "brother" and "mother", to which only the relevant user has read/write access and everyone else has no access? That can be done but not via the GUI. But it doesn't use child shares so maybe it isn't what you want. You'd need to add the three users and their passwords via the GUI and create the documents share (making it private and allocating your required permissions to it) then switch to the command line and use chown and chmod to achieve something like this: root@tower:~# ls -l /mnt/user/documents total 1234 drwx------ 1 brother users 32 Apr 25 23:50 brother/ drwx------ 1 mother users 32 Apr 25 23:51 mother/ drwx------ 1 me users 32 Apr 25 23:52 me/ root@tower:~# EDIT: Having said that, I can't work out the advantage of this approach over one with three private shares called "my documents", "brother's documents" and "mother's documents". I think the benefit of his idea is that when you look at the root Unraid share you can see a documents share vs individual user shares or hidden shares. That way it is easier for novices to find their docs and keep the structure clean. I have also wanted to do this for this exact reason, I didn't know you could do it within the cli. Although I have it configured through AD so it's now moot for me, but I'm definitely saving this for future reference.
  24. If you still don't have the mb, cpu, ram sold I'll buy it all.