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Rebuild UDMA Errors fixed SATA cable now in a weird state HELP!!

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My disk 7 died so i RMA'd the disk and put in a replacement drive. it started Rebuilding and my disk 8 started throwing some UDMA Errors and it was going up in the hundreds so i shutdown my system.

Replace my SATA cabling for Disk 9 when i booted it up i was shocked to see disk 9 is now disabled but i can see the temp on the disk.


Starting the array i see this



I am confused it is rebuilding but it isn't rebuilting.

Not sure how to get disk 9 back online?






How do I fix this mess? :(

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i managed to get Disk 9 back operational and marked the Parity as being correct but i can't seem to kick off disk7 rebuilding.

its doing something not sure what it is doing though doesn't say.

My data on Disk 9 looks good now just need to somehow bring disk 7 back to life.





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