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Dual Parity on single controller or split amongst controllers?

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Hello I am building a new unraid server with 8 drives in total.

6 drives are for data and 2 will be parity. 

There are two controllers on the motherboard with the Intel one handling 6 SATA ports and the Marvel one handling 2 SATA ports.

What would be the best practice for the Parity drives?

Keep them on one Controller or split them between the two?




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13 hours ago, Squid said:

If possible, avoid using the Marvel controller completely.  Marvel support has always been iffy and problematic due to their buggy drivers etc.


Thank you @Squid, very helpful!

I will get an HBA that is based on a non Marvell chipset.

The question remains then, is it best to split the Parity between two different controllers or keep both Parity drives on the same controller?

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