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IBM M1015 SAS/SATA Controller - Best Deals on eBay


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Someone has bid on it, so if there was once Buy It Now it is gone now.


Yep.  Hopefully one of "us" (drealit, did you buy it?).  Have been keeping my eyes open for a good deal on one of these.  He listed two - I bought the other one.


$80 shipped is a good deal IMO.  There is a seller with 5 of them for $90 shipped, but no bracket.  Someone could try a "Best offer" to get it cheaper.

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Bracket Questionable.. it is pictured with one.


Not that it's a guarantee but he does say "1 x ServeRAID M1015 8-port SAS/SATA RAID PCI Express Controller with full-height Bracket".


that's what I get for ordering crap at 2am.. thx. i missed that

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Aren't these the same cards listed in Raj's post in the Hard Drives and Controllers section?  If so, his recommend supplier has these cards for $45-$60 depending on version.


I haven't bought one yet, but that is my intended source.


They're not the same cards...


Raj's post referes to the IBM BR10i which is SATA II, & DOES NOT support 3TB drives.


The IBM M1015 is SATA III, & DOES support 3 TB drives.


Pretty sure I got that right...  :P:)

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