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Unable to access Unraid via Gui

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I am unable to access Unraid via GUI even directly connected to the server. when I log into the server I get a unable to connect page. This happened after I removed a 5700xt and installed a much older card for server access and a Intel  arc A770. All of the docker containers appear to be working fine and I have terminal access.


I do not know how to pull a log file via terminal, and did not get any links on how to on a search. I thought perhaps my issue was a DNS problem and that is why I tried to access the GUI directly from the server. I assume that would bypass any DNS problems. I did change the default ports on the server to 4080 and 40443. Thinking that may have been part of the issue I shutdown the server went on the boot usb and changed it back to 80 and 443.


I did ifconfig and both of the networks on the server are connected have an ip address and are transmitting and receiving. The old graphic card that I have in there is a R7950 (the 2012 release not the current one), It is the card that I had when I built my first unraid server 6-10 years ago, I assumed it would be fine for GUI access on the server.


I am not sure what else to try any help would be appreciated.

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You have a myunraid.net certificate, which uses URLs in the format:


If eth0 does not have an IP address, nginx is unable to start because it can't generate a server name for that URL. So we see this in your syslog:

May 29 00:47:53 Talonhawk root: Starting Nginx server daemon...
May 29 00:47:53 Talonhawk root: nginx: [emerg] invalid number of arguments in "server_name" directive in /etc/nginx/conf.d/servers.conf:63


For now, please make sure eth0 has an IP address.


This shortcoming will be addressed in 6.12.

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