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SAS Drive type - How to connect/wire

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I'm working on purchasing hardware for my first Unraid build.  I was getting ready to pull the trigger on 10-14TB drives, but they are Single Port SAS drives only.  This is what it says on the website description, "This drive uses Single Port SAS connections and will not work in SATA systems or with Dual Port SAS features."


Drive Type: Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC530 WUH721414AL4204 0F31021 14TB 7.2K RPM Single Port SAS 12Gb/s 4Kn 3.5in Hard Drive


My question is what do I need to connect these as they are not SATA?  I already have a HP H220 (LSI 9207-8i).  Would I just purchase a SAS expander card and connect to the H220 and then from there purchase 1:1 SAS cables connecting from the expander card to drive?  What type of expander card would be best for this configuration if this is the proper configuration?


Is this a potential bad setup and I shouldn't be looking at these drives?  The price is right, so if I can make it work with an expander card, then I'll probably pull the trigger.

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16 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

You can get a SAS expander or connect the drives directly to the HBA, but need SAS cables, not SATA.

Are all SAS expander cards created equal?  With 10 drives, would I need more than one to connect to multiple ports on the SAS card?  Maybe 2 cards to keep 5 and 5 on each expander?

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