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Adding drives to native Z pool.

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I recently upgraded to the most recent version of Unraid. I was running a separate z pool on unread, but now since the feature was added I created a native Z pool with extra drives then transferred the data from my old Z pool to the new one. I was trying to figure out how I could integrate those drives into the new Z pool. Total there are 6 14 terabyte drives (native Z pool) and 8 12 terabyte drives. When I try to use the native feature to add them it spit out an error saying the drives were not of the same size. Is there a way around this without losing the data that I have on the 14 terabyte drives? I was hoping not to have to lose another drive for parody.

Screenshot 2023-06-02 071714.png

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There's currently an issue where the GUI doesn't let you add a vdev with smaller capacity drives, but you can do it manually and then re-import the pool, note that the new vdev needs to be the same width as the existing one, so if you have 6 x 14TB you can add only another 6 x 12TB.

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I tried to add them via the GUI...no joy. Does same width mean since I have 8 12TB drives I wound Need to add 8 14TB drives? Currently only have six. Is there a different way to add them? Or would I need to delete pool and reestablish it with all the drive at once instead of adding to it?

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