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Sata expansion recommendation/advice for 16 more drives

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I have been researching what expansion card to get for my server. Want to be able to add 16 more drives in total to future proof the Fractal design 7 xl case that im currently running.


For reference the mobo currently in use is the Aorus B660m pro ax.


So far I have narrows the card down to an LSI 9201-16i which can run the 4x Minisas cable to 4 satas for a total of 16 drives.

I see recommendations for The Art of Server ebay seller, although his card is twice the price for the total shipped cost + import charges to New Zealand compared to Jiawen2018 ebay seller.


Looking for advice on whether both cards are genuine or whom to go with?


Below is the links for reference







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42 minutes ago, LordOreo said:

Looking for advice on whether both cards are genuine or whom to go with?

Art of the Server is a known good seller who stands behind what he sells.  It is often used server pulls but they are the genuine goods.


The second seller is from China.  "LSI" cards from China are very often counterfeit.  There is no way to tell until you get it.  Some work just fine, counterfeit or not, and others have problems.  It's a crap shoot.  The Chinese cards says the brand is "unbranded" which is a good indicator it is at least a knock-off and not genuine LSI.


I suppose it comes down to your choice of whether to pay more for a sure thing or gamble on a less-expensive item from China.

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I've bought from that Chinese seller, Jiawen2018. Like a lot of the Chinese sellers, they do some things that can be annoying - seller is based in Hong Kong, but will list themselves as having local stock in countries like Australia. And they typically list used products as brand new, even when you and they both know there is no way it can be brand new.




The HBA card I purchased from them did arrive very quickly, so maybe there was some local stock? Or someone express shipped it quickly from China. And the card does appear to be genuine. But could this be so for the rest of the items? Who knows.


I'm currently looking at the LSI 3200-16i from Jiawen2018: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/145188328142


It does look genuine, but it is more money than I have spent before on these HBA cards, so I'm naturally a bit nervous. But there are not many other options when it comes to shipping to our region, a lot of the time. tbh, I hope you didn't shell out that much for a 9201 from that serverart dude, that is taking the pee asking that much. Especially when you see what those in the US can get (https://www.ebay.com/itm/384974502033).

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2 hours ago, Lebowski89 said:

seller is based in Hong Kong

Those are reseller, HK haven't counterfeit / genuine business, HK also have strictly electronic parts export restrictions, we can't export any electronic parts thr post / express shippping even return back to China.


I got those from China too, far more lower price, but as Hoopster said, all just gambling.


I doubt when seller said it is org. , because selling those electronic parts could mark up x5+ profits.

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23 minutes ago, Vr2Io said:

all just gambling.



Tbh, I've ordered all sorts of things from Chinese sellers and never had an issue. As long as the HBA card does what it is supposed to do, I don't care how they source it. The seller in this case has tons of positive feedback, with a tiny minority of negative - 99% positive. Has sold many HBA cards, including 17 of the item I linked (but many many more of the more common LSI parts). I think it is a pretty safe gamble.


Regarding Hong Kong: That is listed as his location in profile (https://www.ebay.com.au/str/qin1983218?_tab=1)

But the items are sold from either China (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/144475270744)


or local (to me) stock as I listed above. Judging by the delivery time, it probably is local.. or they got it here from China fast.


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