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how do i repair windows 10 img ?

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i expanded my windows 10 vm a month ago and it was working perfectly fine. today i installed docker on the vm, restarted it and it stopped working 

now i'm stuck at a loop of startup repair

i've entered the cmd in the advanced settings and tried to check DISKPART but when i try list disk, i get "There Are No Fixed Disks to Show"


is there any way to repair the img or at least recover some stuff that wasn't saved to the array?

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17 hours ago, Kilrah said:

Until then you're sure you were booting from the img and not the iso? i.e. remove the ISO from the template to be sure it's not there?

yup i'm sure since if i was booting from the iso i would get the install windows window not startup repair nonetheless i removed the iso and tried again and i'm still not getting the startup settings option


when i try looking for the disks using diskpart i get there are no fixed disks to show. 

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