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MELLANOX ConnectX-4 set as main eth but getting slow WAN

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Hi I added a Mellanox 10gb card with 2 ports 2 my server and connected it to my router and thought it would be a simple swap. However after changing the interface rules to make eth0 the 10gb connection. WAN speeds are super slow I have 1gb down but only getting around 100mbps



Both router and unraid are showing 10gbe link

Network:eth0: 10000 Mbps, full duplex, mtu 1500

Wired Experience 10 GbE


Speed test on router shows correct download and upload but a quick speedtest.net and speedtest cli installed on unraid come back with slow speeds

This is what my Network settings page looks like




Am I setting this up wrong? Dont know if it makes a difference but I updated the firmware using Mellanox plugin. DIdnt see any change.


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