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disk/power issues. Diagnostic help needed

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I just moved to a new flat, and placed the server in the new case and with dell perc h310 raid card in IT mode. Connected everything, and since then my two youngest disks are behaving strangely. "Z306AABD" was having issues in the old place as well, but I believe it was problem with unstable electricity in the old place (my PC also was having problems there, and there are no problems in the new place).
Now both "Z306AABD" (parity) and "Z306S1CT" (disk2) are acting strangely. Both at some point had read errors, disk2 to the point where it was emulated and I had to rebuild it on itself. Also both of them had "offline uncorrectable" count increased and then it went back 0 (for parity it was when I resynced parity in the new place). That behavior of fixing the bad sectors pretty much every time is what makes me think that it may not be a problem with disks, but with power supply. The power supply is Silentium PC Vero M2 600W, and in theory it has one line, so it should not have any problems powering my 4 HDDs, but for some reason if I put more than 2 on one cable, the disks are randomly not detected in the system. Even if I have 1 disk on one cable and 3 disks on second, it usually does not power (connect?) the 1 disk cable, and only two random disks on 3 disk cable.

I'm actually so desperate that I want to just replace all my disks with iron wolfs, but for now I don't have budget for that and also I'm not sure if my power supply is ok, so I want to pin point the root cause of all of this.

I'm also attaching diagnostics done few hours after rebuild (I've started/stopped array ~2times, but no power cycling)


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I've forgot to mention: I've tried to run an extended SMART few times, but every time it gets stuck on 60% on both disks. I even once tried to leave the parity for over two weeks, but with no luck. I'll try once again as it's been few days and power cycles for them, but I don't have much hope. I know those drives will need few hours for an extended SMART, but is there any way to tell if it's just stuck on 60% or is it actually progressing?
I also connected them using unitek docking station to scan them using hd tune (just a quick scan) and everything was fine.

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Ok, I found on forum, that there are some GUI bugs with SMART reporting when using dell H310, and smartctl command outputs the current status of extended smart test. The parity drive already failed

Num  Test_Description    Status                  Remaining  LifeTime(hours)  LBA_of_first_error
# 1  Extended offline    Completed: read failure       90%      9656         -
# 2  Extended offline    Completed: read failure       40%      9595         -

and disk 2 is in progress, so as you said it is probably healthy (thank god, because I don't have a spare to rebuild it, if it was the opposite)

So for disks everything is pretty clear for me, but there is still a question of what to do with PSU? I don't think that the behavior I described in first post is correct, but I'm not sure (could be because of too much current through one SATA power cable?). Is there anyway for me to check if everything is ok with 12V line, or maybe is it correct behavior, or maybe an obvious sign of pre-fail?

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I'm more talking about the issue that I can plug max 2 disks to one power cable, even though there are 3/4 SATA power connectors. I don't think it's normal, but I'm not sure how to test if what's the real problem here, because in theory 12V is on one line

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Ok, yesterday I forgot to update. Disk 2 passed, and I restarted the array without the parity. For now everything looks good. My current plan is to upgrade/swap HDDs and then replace PSU to seasonic PX (or both at the same time if possible). Also as the parity disk is fairly new (~1 year old), I'll try to RMA it. Thank you for helping me

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