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When to use ZFS?

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So as it stands today I have all my array data drives formatted as xfs - encrypted. Also I have 4 pools as follows

  • Apps (xfs) for Docker/VM -Single NVME
  • Cache (btrfs) for writing to Array - Single SATA SSD
  • Aux (btrfs) for user shares of things I want served fast - 2xNVME
  • Scratch (xfs) for SMB general purpose temporary - Single SATA SSD


I am aware of the benefits of zfs with things like TrueNAS, and making performant zpools for an enterprise. I am already planning to format the Apps to zfs for checkpoints. But what about the array data disks, and the other pools ? What benefits would zfs bring, and when should it be considered over the other filesystems?


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I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I thought if I made the question a little more comprehensive we might get a response:


I'm running:

1 7 drive Array with single parity disk (Containing stored media - Mixed Disk Sizes) [xfs]

1 2TB NVMe Cache drive [btrfs]

1 System pool with 2 4tb SSD striped (with Dockers, VM, sand system folder) [btrfs]


Is there any benefit to my switching these to ZFS?


My system pool is where I wanted best performance, and would have used the NVME drive, but I got Terrible performance from the SSD's when mirrored, and a 8TB cache seemed wasteful.


I'm not worried about the HOW TO, as I'm sure I can figure that out... But I just don't understand why everyone is so excited about ZFS

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On 6/25/2023 at 10:52 AM, Cyong said:

What benefits would zfs bring, and when should it be considered over the other filesystems?

Basically the same as btrfs: checksums, snapshots, send/receive source or target, if it's worth it or not to change or not it all depends if any of those features are important to you.

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