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Problems Since New USB Key

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I am running 6.12.0 and wanted to update 6.12.1, however my USB stick was too small @ 2GB


Transfer license to new 32GB USB stick OK and rebooted


Then found Disk 12 missing, disabled disk from array and it rebooted OK.


Stopped array and Disk 12 can't be  found.


Powered down and checked all data and power connections as OK, but Unraid still can't see it.


Purchased replacement disk and Unraid see it, but is very slow to start and mount disks


When Unraid has started. it can see the new disk but disables it?




I would be grateful of any help, see attached diagnostic file


I wonder if it hardware related, but the server has run for years until now???



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I stopped the array, deleted Disk 12 from the array and restarted OK


I then shutdown to try Disk 12 with different power / sata cables, but on stopping the server was hanging on unmounting disks and kept trying on an endless loop


I therefore had to reboot with the GUI, but on reboot it was reported that it was an unclean shutdown!!!


So now doing a 6TB parity check before I can try to power down the array again to try disk 12


See attached diagnostic


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