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Unraid API Error, Cloud: socket closed

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I have been getting this daily since fixing other issues brought up by upgrading to 6.12.x

seems resolve on its own after 10 - 60 minutes, no dockers have internet access, can't see apps page, cant ping out, etc.

If I use "unraid-api restart", I get a different error message, something about "cant connected to mothership", but the issue persists until it decides to go away.

I am running pfsense and pfblockerng but there is nothing in the logs there pertaining to anything from the unraid server being blocked, and firewall rules are set to pass the traffic. At least as far as I can tell, I obviously am doing something wrong since I'm having an issue.

Screenshot 2023-06-26 211642.png

syslog towerofdoom-diagnostics-20230626-2116.zip

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14 hours ago, veritas2884 said:

I fixed my issue. I browsed to /boot/config and renamed the network.cfg to network.cfg.old and rebooted. It forced unraid to recreate the file and now everything works.


Thank you so much! This fixed the issue for me too. Only noticed it yesterday when I was actually trying to access my server from outside my network and have been fighting with it since.

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On 6/28/2023 at 3:32 PM, veritas2884 said:

I think I have the same issue. Are you saying that you can get into your webui but unraid itself cannot get out to the internet?

Precisely, I did just downgrade to 6.11.5, and rebuilt the docker.img, and that took me from about 90% downtime to 5% downtime.


The issue isn't presenting itself currently, but if it does again I'll give your fix a try. Thanks!

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I have a Similar error, when I followed the renaming of network.cfg in the /boot/config folder to network.cfg.old and rebooted the system. After 10 minutes, it stiil has NOT created a new network.cfg.

Any help would be appreciated. 



Unble to connect to https://mothership.unrid.netCLOUD:
sooket closed

UnRaid API Connection Error.png

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