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Parity check slow and finding thousands of errors

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Hi Unraid community.

I have an issue that I can't find an answer to in here.

I have my server set up to do a weekly parity check. The last two have been incredibly slow(it barely finishes before the next scheduled parity check starts). In particular when reading my 4TB drives. On top of that, it is finding thousands of errors. 

I am writing a lot to the array while the check is running, but this was never an issue in the past.

The issues seem to have started after having a power cut during a parity check a couple of weeks ago.

All disks pass smart checks and everything else seems to work normal on the server.

When you look at the log, please ignore the high temperature warnings. I have new fans waiting to be installed, but I am working abroad and wont be home for another two months(operating the server through Wireguard).

I have not been able to make a full diagnostics file, as my VPN tunnel somehow glitches while it is making the file, every time. But i have attached a system log and a photo of the recent parity check history.


Any help is much appreciated.





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53 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

That's not the complete syslog, can't see the beginning of the check or any detected errors, also doing a parity check once a week it's overkill, reboot to clear the logs, run a correcting check and post new diags once it's done.

Hi Jorge,

As always, your input is much appreciated. The two previous checks were both correcting.

Honestly, i am nervous about rebooting remotely through Wireguard. I am not sure if it starts up again?

I just ran a diskspeed test and it did not show any drives acting slower than expected.


I will change the schedule to monthly. Thanks for the tip.

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1 hour ago, JorgeB said:

Constant issues with ATA4, since even those logs rotated cannot see which disk it is, but you can find out by clicking on the log info for each disk until you find ATA4, then replace cables for that disk.

Hi Jorge,

Sorry, but can you dumb that down a bit? What is ATA4 and how do i click the log info for each disk? Are talking about SATA cable or power cable?

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35 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

Click this for each device:




It will open the log just for that device, look for the one that mentions ATA4 repeatedly.


Could be either so best to replace both.

Thanks. I've never looked at that before. So i found both disk 6 and disk 8 to have either ATA2 or ATA4 errors en masse. Can i be certain it is a cable issue and not the drives? Disk 6 is brand new and disk 8 is not old either.

And what about the data on them? do i risk losing any or will there be read errors?

The problem is that it will be another two months before i can get home and even open up the server.

If need be, i do have the capacity to use unbalance to move all data on these somewhere else in the array, but i am guessing that also isnt smart if they are giving errors?

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