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Unraid not responding after replace Parity

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Dear All, i need some help.

Today i was trying to replace my Parity to a larger Drive from 4TB to 8TB.

I've move all my files and folder from Cache to the Array and everything is completed moved and shutdown the server as normal.

After i replace the Parity, boot up and assign the new HDD to parity and start the server and i notice the parity is rebuilding.

I try to enable docker and notice that's an error Docker Fail to Start.

Also when i open the syslog i notice its full of error Intel PCH root port ACS workaround enabled.

I was thinking to try to shutdown the server and check if anything loose or a reboot might solve the error but,

I try to pause the parity rebuild and also try to cancel the rebuild also not responding.




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19 hours ago, JorgeB said:
With all that log spam cannot see anything about why docker is failing, is this a new error? Also look for a BIOS update.

No new bios update last update was Dec 2021.
Seems 1st time I’ve encounter this error.
Still had like 12hr more for the parity to sync.
I’ve try everything it’s just won’t respond.


This morning I notice that the Parity has completed sync with no error.

Ive move the appdata, domain and system share back to the Cache and reboot the server and the system are bootup and the docker are up and running.

Bit i notice something during boot that there is an error from the output as

rm: missing operand
Try 'rm --help' for more information.

mv: cannot stat '/usr/local/bin/mover': No such file or directory

And the server was pause waiting for quite sometime before proceed.

Latest diagnostic file attached.
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