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Disk got disabled again, looking for guidance on next steps.

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Just a few days ago I went through an issue where a disk got disabled. I ran smart tests, everything looked okay so I rebuilt the data on to the same drive and all seemed fine.  You can see the details of what happened here


This morning I got a notification telling me that the same disk was disabled again.  This time there are more errors and now I can't run a smart test on the drive.


The problem drive is a 6TB drive and I have another drive in the array that is 12TB which is empty (although the webui shows that it's using 83.7 GB?).  What I am thinking of doing is just removing the problem drive from the array and moving the data to the good 12TB drive.  My question is, what is the best way of going about doing so?  Should I use unBALANCE to move the files over?  Is there a way to rebuild the data onto an existing drive?  Is there something better I can do than these options? 


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


I have also attached a diagnostic, I am curious if anyone can see why this drive keeps erroring out on me.


Thank you.



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