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Report HDD Fail in the middle of a rebuild.

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Today i was upgrading one of the Array 4TB HDD to a 8TB.

Server bootup and add the new 8TB to replace my Disk 2.

During rebuild Unraid prompt Disk 1 Fail, the rebuild just halt at 3.2%.

Ive force to shutdown the server try to re secure all power cable and sata cable.

Boot the server up and Disk 1 are back online.

Notice that Disk 2 are now list as disable and the rebuild didn't continue.

What should i do now.


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Thanks guys for the update.

What I've done is after power up the Disk 1 are back online so means previously the issue mostly is the cable. But just donno why the error happen after the rebuild was running after 30min.

So since my old Disk 2 4TB data are valid. i remove the Disk 2 8TB and then New Config so i could mount back the old Disk 2 4TB

Enable Maintenance mode and start the server.

Let it rebuild the parity from the Array.

After completed the parity sync test all application and date are all okie.

Then remove the old Disk 2 4TB again and upgrade to the new Disk 2 8TB drive and rebuild the Array again.



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22 hours ago, jasonjulius1122 said:

If that not works you can also check out this trouble shooting easy steps:

Check and secure all cables.

Restart the server.

Enable Disk 2 if it's disabled.

Initiate the rebuild process.

The thing is that since the New 8TB drive was rebuild 3.2% when i try the method above, it don't rebuild but instead it Resync to Parity which much worst since the data in the new 8TB are not valid. Since my old Disk 2 4TB data are still valid what've done is i do a new config. So i could replace the 4TB and wont get a deny that only same size or larger size error and resync the Parity and then replace the new drive and perform a rebuild again.

I'm not sure is this a good way of doing it. But sofar its seems working and now the rebuild already nearly 50%.

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