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Problems accessing a defective M.2 SSD in read-only mode

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Hi :)


I have been using Unraid for a while with the following configuration:

Parity: 8TB HDD
Disk 1: 8TB HDD
Disk 2: 8TB HDD

Pool Devices
M2_Cache_1: 1TB M.2 SSD
M2_Cache_2: 500 GB M.2 SSD

Sata_Cache_1: 500 GB Sata SSD
Sata_Cache_2: 2TB Sata SSD


I usually run virtual machines on the virtual pooled devices. Now I had access problems with data stored on M2_Cache_1. Unraid always froze during access. After about a minute, the files disappeared and Unraid no longer recognised the hard disk behind M2_Cache_1 (1TB M.2 SSD). I could see this when I stopped the array and the disk behind it disappeared.


After a short analysis of the hard disk via CrystalDiskInfo, it turned out that the installed SSD has a defect and is in "ReadOnly" mode, so CrystalDiskInfo said.
I also can check the drive with scrutiny and it gives me 2 Failurs (s. Attachment)


My question at this point is, is there a way to save existing data from the hard disk? Everything is still displayed in File Explorer. Unraid seems to crash whenever anything would be written to the disk. Is there any way I can mount the disk as read only or save the data in another way?


I can only run the disk in Unraid because the disk is mounted encrypted in the system.


There are only VMs on the disk, which I could also reinstall. It would just be easier to copy and paste the virtual machines onto another disk. :)


Kind Regards


2023-07-06 22_49_10-scrutiny – Mozilla Firefox.png

2023-07-06 22_49_25-scrutiny – Mozilla Firefox.png

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4 hours ago, JorgeB said:

Click the toothed wheel icon in front of that device and choose read-only, passphrase I believe it will use the same as Unraid, but you can ask in the existing UD plugin support thread if needed.

Yes, it will use the Unraid password unless you set one specifically for the drive you are trying to mount in UD Settings.

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