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AutoUpdate and Backup docker containers

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Previously on OMV I updated my containers with Watchtower container. It works and on Unraid, but I found that even after successfully updated containers

Found new lscr.io/linuxserver/qbittorrent:latest image (ac570e5f1f88)
Found new pihole/pihole:latest image (1fd7e7caffbd)
Found new lscr.io/linuxserver/emby:latest image (6698f4832eb1)
Found new lscr.io/linuxserver/heimdall:latest image (533f10d4c5b0)
Found new lscr.io/linuxserver/syncthing:latest image (8241c8a8aa2a)
Found new adguard/adguardhome:latest image (266c7764c9e5)
Creating /AdGuard-Home
Stopping /syncthing (36caa611625c) with SIGTERM
Creating /syncthing
Stopping /heimdall (4f7e04df7794) with SIGTERM
Creating /heimdall
Stopping /emby (626bfd491587) with SIGTERM
Creating /emby
Stopping /pihole (3049f7ae1ad9) with SIGTERM
Creating /pihole
Stopping /qbittorrent (ad6ef837b8e1) with SIGTERM
Creating /qbittorrent
Removing image f100cff01637
Removing image 5a4facdbacf1
Removing image 8dba1be023f4
Removing image 2c8a4159522a
Removing image 80b60b9f5da8
Removing image 566a5a3d4773

Unraid UI will be without change



To remove this label "apply update" I have to manually press "Update" button after that nothing will be updated and label will disappear:

IMAGE ID [722532594]: Pulling from adguard/adguardhome.
Status: Image is up to date for adguard/adguardhome:latest



I found plugin CA Auto Update Applications it works great, already checked and turned off my watchtower container, decided to use this plugin. Decided to schedule at 4:00 update plugins and at 4:15 docker containers:




After that I found one more plugin Appdata Backup it looks very useful, has item "Update containers after backup?" - YES and also has own schedule for running backup, but what I do not understand - how these both will be working together?


One person on reddit told me that 


It kicks off to CA Auto Update Applications from CA Appdata Backup. 

But it is Appdata Backup plugin, not CA Appdata Backup, also I did not find any information that Appdata Backup will execute CA Auto Update Applications plugin.


Now I am confused:

  • Appdata Backup - I setup run at 3:00 and selected Update containers after backup? - YES
  • CA Auto Update Applications - I setup update plugin at 4:00, update docker at 4:15, already checked works good.


How together both will work? Options:

  1. Appdata Backup at 3:00 starts, making backup and automatically running - CA Auto Update Applications?
  2. They will be working independently: Appdata Backup at 3:00 starts, making backup and then at 4:00 and 4:15 - CA Auto Update Applications will update all? 
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