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Just got a new controller - Supermicro AOC SAS2LP MV8

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MB slots are normally the fastest in a system. I'd suggest using them first, although you might want to leave 1 or 2 MB slots open for future preclears.


Your new controller is an x8 board and should provide good performance even if loaded with disks.  I would fill it second.

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Thank you for prompt reply.  My mobo actually has 8 slots, and the reason for this purchase was merely for expandability, and hopefully some speed gains, as I get close to filling my system up with drives.  I saw the card on sale locally so I just got it.  I suppose I can try a few different configs using the mobo entirely, the card entirely, or a combo of both.  All my drives are 1.5 tb , including parity, with the exception of the cache drive.   

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So this SAS2LP won't work with 4.7?


Amazon has it for sale for $248 and ProAdvantage has it for $97. I don't get it.



no it does not work with 4.7. only 5beta 12 ..

i would wait until at least beta 13 or 14 before buying one to make sure it still works. with the current issue with the AOC-SASLP-MV8 problems in B12a, this card "could have" potential to not work 100% next beta if Tom rolls back the driver or kernel. I would wait and see.



It is a relatively new card and no one actually stocks it.


if you look at provantage, the have no stock. they order from supermicro when you order it from them (extra time to get usually).

if you look at the amazon one, it is NOT amazon, it is a guy using the amazon storefront. he has a few in stock and is  one of those  people that take advantage of "you need it now and will pay way to much for it".


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I am not sure if the sas2LP-MV8's were bugged in 12/12a. But i would also like to see how they work in B13.


I would still like to see 1 or 2 more betas before i would recommended these yet for unraid.


now that 13 Is having issues with LSI controllers and the MV8's appear to be fixed. I expect to see some more bug fixing that could break other things (however unlikely).

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Can't the driver for this card just be loaded upon boot up and then work in unraid? If using 4.7, isn't that all there is to do?




Adding a driver involves creating a custom kernel.  Not impossible, but not easy to do either.  If you have a distinct need for this driver in unRAID 4.7, then send an email to LimeTech.  In the past Tom has been known to create custom kernels for particular circumstances such as this.  However, since the latest betas already support this card I suspect that the simplest solution is just to use them.

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