Drive unavible but not disabled

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Hello 🙂

I guess this drive is ether proofing soon or connection is bad, but one of my oldest drives (2TB WD green, over 11 years run time) works fine and I can read data from it after an reboot, but after some time it get a handfull of errors and I cant access the data on it, just says "path unavible", but unraid does not put it as disabled 🤔

My guess is that I need to copy the data off it asap.

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27 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

Looks more like a power/connection issue, replace cables, I assume you are aware that there's already another disabled disk, so once the other one errors it cannot be emulated, hence why you need to reboot.

I knew about the other drive :) was hoping no one else would have problems before I got it replaced 😮
I just changed the PSU so I now have all drives directly on PSU with sata power, but gonna check the cable and the port its connected to :)

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