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Cache drive folders

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How do I create a folder on the cache drive that will stay there instead of getting moved to the main unRaid structure, without making it invisible to Finder?


I'd like to keep my downloads directory on there, but still be able to access it from my desktop computer so I can clean the downloads up and work with metadata before moving into my user shares hierarchy...

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unmenu has a package that lets you use an "_" instead of a dot.

That does not work on the latest versions of unRAID.

True, BUT they have the feature to specify a cache only folder.  (it does no harm either, it just does not do anything)

Anybody can certainly edit their personal copy of the mover script... It is just a shell script.


Joe L.

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Ok, another question...


If I "move" the files from my download folder on the cache drive into the usershares, it actually moves them by copying and deleting them, even though it's moving from the same drive (/cache/.download/ to /cache/Video/somewhere )


If I telnet in and move them with mc, then I lose my folder colors in Finder, which I use to keep track of which movies are HD or not...


Is there another way to do this?

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