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What UPS to get?


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I use this one:


APC Power-Saving Back-UPS Pro 700


...but it isn't on your list.


This one will definitely work:


APC Back-UPS Pro 900VA, USB (BR900GI)


It is overpowered for what you need, but it will work.  This one should also work:


APC Smart-UPS X 750VA Rack/Tower 2U, USB/seriell (SMX750I)


If you have a low powered server, then you might be able to use this one:


APC Back-UPS Pro 550VA, USB (BR550GI)


That might be cutting it too close.  You would need to test your server's power consumption during a boot up and power down to make sure you don't exceed 550VA.


Hope that helps!

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one thing to keep in mind.


UPS batteries tend to degrade rather quickly, especially if you have had some outages where the UPS when active for a period of time.


It is better to buy one slightly to large then one just right or "might not be quite enough". also, it might be nice to put your router and switch on it.


In about 3 years, that "to big of one" with degrade to "just right".


A fact of UPS's, you have have to buy batteries or a new ups every 2-5 years depending on conditions. if the price to next size up is just a few bucks, it will be worth it down the road.


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OK, so do you think the one I bought (Back-UPS Pro 900VA) fulfills the criteria you just mentioned?


I am basically running Raj's 15 drive build + will also connect the switch and router to it.


yeah. thats a good pick.


you will probably get a good 15 min battery life on that unit.... give or a take a little based on your exact specs and drive status.


I am running the 1300VA flavor with 2x 24 drive builds on it.


once you get it, install the "clean shutdown" package and "APCUPSD" package.

Both are in unMENU...

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Do you guys recommend to have two UPS systems one for your unRAID rig and one for your htpc/pc?


Or is it ok to have the pc (router,switch,monitor) and the unRAID rig together?


Then what would recommend me for my pc that has a 400W PSU and my unRAID (only 10 HD's) rig that has a 520W PSU .


Thank you.  ;D


If not then just get two of this: APC BR700G 700 VA 450 Watts 6 Outlets



One for the unRAID and one for my PC ?

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that is almost to generic of a question.


Without knowing the actual power draw of your systems, it is impossible to tell.


The PSU raiting is not what the PC consumes. it is how much power the PSU CAN supply.


you could put a 250watt PSU on an atom PC and draw only 30 watts from the wall. you could also put a 1200 watt PSU on the same sytem and it would still draw close to 30 watts from the wall (yes there would be a slight difference due to the optimized power consumption/output, but for this example we don't care)


an atom based HTPC vs an I7-extreme HTPC would be a huge power difference.


You might be ok though based on the consumer average...

you could buy one now, get it and see if you need a second one?


one thing to keep in mind, these consumer UPS's will only shut down ONE PC in a power failure.

you have to either run (free) 3rd party software or or let one just .... crash! (please save the server)

that should not be to hard to do if one of the computers is on 24x7



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Start with one UPS, and run with computer on full load one at a time. Most UPS's will show load and watts used. If the full load (think spin-up all disks for unRAID, and stress test on the HTPC) is a total of 60% or less, may as well run both computers from the one UPS.


Can you get APCUPSD to trigger scripts? If the HTPC is *nix then you could trigger a script come shutdown that will remotely turn it off from unRAID server.

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Case: LIAN LI PC-V352

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 840 3.2GHz  95W

Mobo: ASRock 880GM-LE AM3

Memory: Crucial 4GB 1333


GPU: MSI GeForce GT 430 1GB 128-bit DDR3

PSU: Antec NEO ECO 400w

HD: Seagate Barracuda 7200 for OS


So basically it does not draw much power.


Well at the moment I can just try one and see how much watts its drawing with the PC and the server. But down the road I will be moving down the server to another location so I will need an extra UPS for it.


I am glad that the server will shut off cleanly with the UPS system btw.  ;D

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