How do I "Clone" my old settings to a new array while keeping my old cache drives?

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Hi All

What I am trying to do:
Build a backup server and keep my old settings Shares, Users, Config & old cache drives with my Appdata/Domains/System/Dockers/Plugin
BUT I want to build a new array with all new drives?



  • I have succesful cloned my old Unraid USB and bought a new pro license. changed IP and server name in config.
  • I can boot and I have all the old drives listed as missing


I would like to keep my old cachedrives (Appdata/Domains/System/Dockers) and all my shared folder settings.
But I would like to build a completely new array with new drives. (I already moved everything to my new server)


Is this at all possible and how would I go about this?

Currently I can boot up and it remembers all the old drives and see all my new drives.

The "New config" under settings looks like the right way to do this? -  But then I will loose all my old cache drives?

Or can Unraid "see" the old formatted cache drive and the naming of the old orig. cachepools - if I just plug them in? (NVME drives)

Sorry if this ia a stupid Q, but I want to be sure before pressing the "New config" button 🙂

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I can confirm this works!

I just had to update the format of my old cache drive before starting the server - because I converted it to ZFS after cloning the USB for the backup server!
Worked great! Both the Appdata, Domains, Systems and the docker VM worked and started up without errors.

I just whish I had reformatted all the older drives before adding them to the new array. But I just used the filemanager to delete old files.
And I am now adding parity drives so this is great! EVERYONE talks about how easy True Nas is moved between servers, but Unraid is better!
Here I rebuilt my array and keept every App & settings on a "new" server with ease!

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