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disk issue

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Recently i repurposed my main server into a backup server with a plus license.

The array has 7 disks with no parity. Cache pool is 2x1Tb ssd btrfs pool.

I have a strange issue (see the picture). 2 disks are visible both as array disks and unassigned devices.

I can't stop the array. 

1 disk has read errors. For the other one with issue i don't know. Perhaps a connection. 

Before repurposing the server disks had no problems. 2 disks are in a sas das (disks 6&7). The other ones are on internal sata ports.






Capture d’écran 2024-04-10 à 13.58.06.png


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thanks. It looks like it's the right diag. 

Changed the port to the ahci controller for theses 2 disks (they were the only ones on the scu controller).

No issue at booting and currently running diskspeed benchmark. 

Never had a glitch in years with the scu controller. Luckily i don't need these 4 ports. 

What drove you to scu in diags ?

I made the same deduction but only when i saw that the 2 drives were the only one attached to the scu.

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