new drive rebuild process underway - how to check status via command line

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I can't get to my server web gui, and from what I read, reboot is the only option.  However, I just installed a new drive and the system is copying my data back from parity disk to the new drive.  How can I get the status of this process?  In short, I want to let the rebuild finish, and then I will reboot.  I'm worried that if I just issue the powerdown command now, it will kill my rebuild and then who knows what issues I will have.


I searched for Array status from command line with no hits.  Even the main Unraid instructions do not list a command to get the status of a rebuild.  Perhaps I need to use different words for the search. 

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... the system is copying my data back from parity disk to the new drive.


I presume you know that's not how it works.    A rebuild reconstructs the data for the drive being rebuilt from ALL of the other disks ... not just from the parity drive.


If you can't access the Web GUI, there's little you can do except just wait.  As long as you have a disk activity light on the system (as long as at least one drive is on a motherboard port you should -- or if your add-in controller has an activity light) you can simply wait until it no longer shows any activity.


Also, if you happen to have UnMenu installed, try accessing it.  I've seen many cases where the Web GUI won't respond but UnMenu does.



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Thanks guys, good suggestions.  I actually didn't know how the rebuild worked, thanks!  So I guess there isn't a command line I can use to get the status of the rebuild process.  I can see that being useful.  I downloaed unmenu and will kept that option in my back pocket for next time.


I went back looked at the syslog, and the rebuild had not started.  It was having issues, and these lines in my syslog just kept repeating,

Jul 21 17:24:44 Tower avahi-daemon[11063]: Files changed, reloading.

Jul 21 17:24:44 Tower avahi-daemon[11063]: Service group file /services/smb.service changed, reloading.

Jul 21 17:24:44 Tower emhttp: shcmd (214): ps axc | grep -q rpc.mountd


I decided to just use the powerdown script.  After the server came back up, it started the rebuild on it's own, and started the array - web gui is now working too.  I don't know what that means, but given the rebuild hadn't started, I said the heck with it.

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