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  1. good stuff here. I just installed this docker. I too tried setting the unraid dns to the pi-hole IP and found it to be way too slow. I read here unraid should have real dns ip address. I also set my router dns to pi-hole ip address. The issue I have now is my asus router is configured to issue the dns of pi-hole ip via DHCP. That works, but also pushes the router ip as a second dns ip address. I am looking into how to correct this so the router dhcp only issues the pi-hole dns ip. I do see these errors in my unraid log, but everything seems to be working.
  2. some basic troubleshooting tips would include: -Do you have the current bios for your motherboard? It sounded like you were behind on unraid. Updating unraid on outdated motherboard bios can cause issues for some motherboards. -test your monitor on another pc to confirm it still works. At a minimum, even if unraid won't boot, you should see the motherboard bios or some logo, something? You should be able to enter your bios. If you cannot do that, you have a server hardware issue. -If you monitor is confirmed good and you can enter bios, see it booting, try booting to anythi
  3. in addition to what others already told you, check your flash drive using a windows pc, make sure it's not corrupted.
  4. I'm a little confused by your post, but I'll try to offer some help. You will get more help here if you provide more details, motherboard, unraid version, memory, etc. You say that unraid works and all drives are visible expect those using ports 16-23, the top two ports JT5. If correct, then I would agree that checking the SAS controller bios settings is a good idea. That is strange that you are unable to enter the bios menu. If you haven't already, try a wired usb keyboard plugged directly into your motherboard usb port, and do not use wireless keyboard or usb hub of any kind.
  5. Today my miniDLNA stopped working. The docker is running and it says I have the latest version. If you scan for the miniDLNA service, it is no longer broadcasting. I've tried a Forced Update twice to no avail. Has anything changed? I did notice that binhex updated sickchill two days ago, but not sure if they share any files. Suggestions?
  6. libffi is just a temp version fix for python until they update the version included with unraid. A lot of updated python apps won't run without v3.3. Maybe I should bug them to update libffi. As far as it not updating, maybe download or corruption of some sort. Nerdpack checks bad package downloads and deleted them though. You can manually delete them on the flash drive Ok, so I looked through the flash drive and didn't find the libffi package. I'm not sure how it got installed. On the Nerd Pack tab, under the Downloaded column, it says By Download is No. I'm guessing that
  7. I have one item in my Nerd Pack that won't update, libffi. It continues to show up as needing an update. However, it shows up again after running the update. I can't remember why this was installed initially. The only thing in my GO file is: #!/bin/bash # Start the Management Utility /usr/local/sbin/emhttp & Here is a list of the Plugins I have installed: I also have 5 dockers installed. This is the output when I select Update: It's been many years but I recall that when something like this happens,
  8. Many thanks! Next release would be great. I agree and i gave SM some static about that. They also told me that they do not even test with unraid, even though Limetech prefers supermicro boards, so I gave them static for that too. Thanks again!
  9. Not the point. With the new fw and old drivers, unraid will not display anything on the connected monitor. I had to roll fw back because drivers are old, again this is unraid specfic.
  10. I have Home Assistant docker installed. I noticed that when I go to the webgui, it now shows it's deprecated. when I click on the button, i get I read something about lovelace being the new ui. https://www.home-assistant.io/blog/2019/01/23/lovelace-released/ When I search in unraid Apps for home assistant, I get the following So is this docker going to be updated, or should I remove the docker I have installed and install the above Control Panel or Core dockers? Just trying to figure out how to get
  11. Can you please confirm if you included the new ASPEED drivers in this update? Supermicro came back and said I now need to update the ASPEED drivers inside Unraid before we can update the BMC fw. Here is the link to the new drivers, https://www.supermicro.com/wftp/driver/VGA/ASPEED/ASPEED.zip Would be great if these new drivers were added to Unraid. I posted this in the Feature Request thread. I'm told that after I do this, my video output will be restored when running the new BMC fw. I forgot to mention that Support had me roll back
  12. Thank you! I just saw the hdhomerun docker update is ready today, and I updated with no issues. Everything looks good. many thanks! BTW, if you are not running unraid, what did you move to?
  13. reconfigured everything and now it's working again, recording as expected. I really do not understand why. Even though it's listed on my Docker tab, it still does not show up on the Apps tab under Installed. And if you search for hdhomerun in Apps, it is not listed. I'm just glad it's working again. I only wish I understood what happeened.
  14. Something is wrong and recording is not working. I tried the new repository. Everything looks like it configured correctly, and I even canceled the Tasks and recreated them. I see nothing in the logs that indicate errors. I tried to force a update and it removed the docker and I'm left with orphans. How do I remove those and get my hdhomerun back? When I go to apps, I see a note that says hdhomerun is not compatible with my version of unraid?? Update: I removed the orphan and added the container again, the docker is there again a