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  1. binhex/arch-sickchill:latest that worked for me
  2. Great! Thank you for letting us know.
  3. read the posts above yours and you'll see that you'll need to roll back to a earlier version
  4. Thanks guys - rolled back and working good now.
  5. how do I roll back? I've never had to do that with a docker.
  6. First, you'll want to read and decide if you want to make the suggested drive fw changes. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/103938-69x-lsi-controllers-ironwolf-disks-summary-fix/ Can you confirm which controller you have these two Seagate drives connected to?
  7. This is great! It will be nice to be able to test things in a VM before making big changes. Thanks for the guide!
  8. Ok now we have several Seagate models affected, something is just not right here. Does anyone know what has actually changed and caused this? Can the Unraid team fix this in a future release or does this mean that for everyone running Seagate drives are at risk? Even if the fix works today, how do you know it will be ok in the next release? It seems there is a deeper issue here that must get addressed. With all of this, I'm staying 6.8.3 for now and continue to enjoy my trouble-free server. I don't have any spare drives to test with and data loss is not an option for me.
  9. I'm trying to decide if I should update the fw on the 8tb drives or leave them on SN04. I haven't had any issues and they say we should not upgrade unless you are having issues. Advice please - upgrade SN05 on those 8tb drives first, or leave them and make the changes using TDD's instructions and then upgrade unraid?
  10. Yes, thank you! I didn't see that thread. I've posted in that thread, thank you!
  11. Thank you all for this thread, very helpful. I'm still on 6.8.3 and I have several Seagate ST8000NM0055 (standard 512E) firmware SN04, which are listed as Enterprise Capacity. I just checked and Seagate has a firmware update for this model, SN05 I also have several Seagate ST12000NE0008 Ironwolf Pro drives with firmware EN01, no firmware updates available. My controller is a LSI 9305-24i x8, bios P14 and firmware P16_IT. I've had zero issues, uptime 329 days. I was thinking of using the Seagate provided usb linux bootable flash builder and boot to that and run the commands out
  12. That is awesome to hear! I think it may have to do with which controller is in use. Mine is a LSI 9305-24i x8. I see you are also running LSI card. Weird how some are having the issue and some are not.
  13. Has anyone using Seagate drives updated to 6.9.2 yet? I'm still on 6.8.3 due to people posting that their Seagate drives were having errors and dropping. As posted by @TDD, the issue is a result in a recent merge into the combined mpt3sas driver and kernel. It was all fine under 4.19. TDD also said that he reported this bug , so I would like to know if 6.9.2 fixed the issue before I try to upgrade. I have not made any changes to my Seagate drives and my server is rock solid with no issues and uptime is at 329 days I would rather not have to disable the EPC or the low current