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How to deleter a user share


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You are correct it lists "share empty" as no.


When I try to access the user share or the folders on each drive from my windows PC, I get an error that I don't have permission to access.  I can access my other shares and delete files just fine.


How do I delete the contents so I can deleter the share?

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Ok that worked to load midnight commander, but the telnet window is extremely small and most of the screen is unrecognizable characters.

How are you telnetting? If puTTY then you can maximize the window, and set the translation to UTF-8.


Is it really most of the screen, or just the "border characters". You can ignore them.


You can also run mc from console.


If you can't figure out mc, then tell us the name of the user share, and post the result of

v /mnt/user

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Run the New Permissions on the Tools tab then you'll be able to delete the directories from your Windows machine. Once you delete all the directories on every drive go to \\TOWER\flash\config\shares and delete the cfg file with the share name too. Start and stop the array and all traces of the share will be gone.

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