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Simple upgrade steps?

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Hi all. I want to go from a running 5.0.4 to the latest 6.0 beta. I have some plugins running for crash plan, Sab, sick etc - not many and not daily (other than my crash plan backups). I have read the upgrade notes but it just covers how to get 6.0 up. I have read about different file systems that are in use on 6.0 (and that seems to have changed during the life of 6.0 developments), dockers and a whole pile of other good new things.


So my question is is there a more detailed step by step guide and best practice that covers what info to capture in advance like any user names, the upgrade, selecting and changing the file system,  kicking off docker and generaly getting the system back into a functional state .... Or is it all in different places?


Thanks in advance for any guidance, but better to ask than miss a key point and c**k it up.

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Here is a wiki for the upgrade.


Don't worry about changing filesystems. You can't do that without formatting a disk so you can't change the filesystem on a disk with data already on it.


Dockers are another and very large topic. Probably most of your plugins are available as dockers. You should start with no addons and make sure everything is working, then take it slowly as you learn about dockers.

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Thanks - That is exactly what i was looking for. Would be good for LT to put a link to this in each of the release notifications so it is easily referenced or make it a sticky in the general support forum as it covers a lot of ground and answers a lot of questions and will be a good resource when it is updated to align with 6.0 final


As a suplimentary question i would like to use one of my existing N40L microservers as the new build hardware, it suits my needs, has been modified for 6 disks so 1 for parity, 1 for cache and 4 data disks (8+4+4+2) would give me 18TB of storage with disks i have plus 2 new 8TB drives and still some room to grow by upsizing the disks over time if its even needed. Can i just stop the array and powerdown the server. Remove the disks in there and start from scratch with 2 new percleared disks (possibly the seagate 8TB ones given the recent testing and input i have had / seen on here). Can i then mount the current disks onto my windows machine using an external dock and copy the data on them across to the new build? are there issues with doing this or alternatives that would be better as i need to empty a running machine but no space to store the data currently there - its a bit chicken and egg.

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Ahh yes, YaReg - i think i used this prevoisly when i had a bit of a disaster. From memory it worked fine in order to take data off a disk i connected to a doc on my PC. The mounting a disk internally would also be an option for the first couple of disks until the slots get filled up (which would be before all the disks i have now would be emptied.


But thanks for the reminder :-)

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