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[GUI Request]: UPS status in Dashboard / Main view


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The subject says it. I would love to see the UPS status besides just the settings page. Perhaps in the info bar at the bottom along with fan speed, cpu temp, and hd temp?


I'm interested in battery state of charge and current load %. I'm guessing we don't need "online status" because if it were offline those first two parameters wouldn't be available. But if I'm wrong, then also UPS:Status or Status:Running. Whichever makes the most sense to see that everything is all good with my server's ups.


Time left would be nice too for completeness :)

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If you do add this to the main display pages or page footers, please make it a user preference. My UPS doesn't report any meaningful numbers other than Online, so I dont want my main UI pages cluttered with junk numbers. So i would turn it off completely or only have the Status displayed.




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