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Is this drive failing?


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The drive looks very good, especially for a Seagate of its age, almost 16000 hours.


It's not perfect, there's one oddity.  Recently, it has reported a pair of strange UNC events, 3 times, at the LBA of 0x0fffffff, which from a programmer's point of view is noteworthy.  It looks to me like a possible bug in the firmware.  When I couple that with the warning note about a possible firmware update, then it becomes even more interesting.  Hardware manufacturers do not like to issue firmware updates, ever, so if there is one, then it has to be important.  It doesn't mean it necessarily fixes something that applies to you, but it's always worth examining the reason for the update, and in this case 2 web pages are listed for you to examine.  Just remember, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is always best, but only you can decide from the info what's best for you.  If you do decide to update the firmware, just make sure you backup the drive completely first.

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Neither have I!


And since your hard drive is installed in an unusual Linux distro, the instructions (hopefully on those web pages) are likely to be tricky.

I've done it in the past using the instructions for windows (which I believe->could be wrong) have you make a bootable USB stick.  However, I've always been very paranoid about doing it on any drive which already has data on it.
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