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Emby for Kodi officially released


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I have always been an Emby (MediaBrowser) fan but was waiting for the Kodi plugin to mature.  It is now officially released and works beautifully!  What's better...it works with all standard skins.  No more need for modified/hacked skins.


I'm going to put this through its paces and see how it goes.  If it performs as well it has in the latter part of the betas, I will finally be able to retire my MariaDB container.  :)



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Yeah, I'll take a look at this at some point.


The rate Emby is maturing I can see me retiring Plex one day.  I will still have a MariaDB instance for other uses like Owncloud.


Tried PlexBMC before but never really felt that it worked that well.

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