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Parity Status: Data is invalid


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I started this in the RC3 announcement thread, but thought it would be better to move it out to a new post, so that i can get some advice on what to do next.


I just added 4 new drives to my system, which meant getting into my server and adding cables etc.


Monthly Parity ran and now it's showing as being in an invalid state.


3 email alerts received:


Event: unRAID Disk 8 error
Subject: Alert [RUBY] - Disk 8 in error state (disk dsbl)
Description: WDC_WD30EFRX-68EUZN0_WD-WMC4N1534644 (sdk)
Importance: alert


Event: unRAID array errors
Subject: Warning [RUBY] - array has errors
Description: Array has 1 disk with read errors
Importance: warning

Disk 8 - WDC_WD30EFRX-68EUZN0_WD-WMC4N1534644 (sdk) (errors 4160)


Event: unRAID Parity check
Subject: Notice [RUBY] - Parity check finished (0 errors)
Description: Error code: user abort <------ i didn't abort this (i was fast asleep)
Importance: warning


stopping the array showed me that unRAID can't find disk8, so it definitely dropped out.


Well i've rebooted and the disk has been found and automatically put into slot 8, however it still has the grey triangle (and listed in the faulty row) against it and all i can do is stop and start the array. As it believes the parity is invalid i have no option run run a parity check.


I can run a smart test on the drive and it completes without error.


How do i get it out of error state?


Subject: Alert [RUBY] - Disk 8 in error state (disk dsbl)


I have a spare drive, but if my parity is bad, it won't be able to rebuild. The data on this drive is backed up, but there doesn't seem to be an obvious step to correct this issue.


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unRAID disables a drive when a write to it fails, and from then on that disk is simulated by calculating its data from all the other drives plus parity. Parity check automatically aborts when a drive is disabled.


Your parity should be good and rebuilding is the recommended way forward, since the calculated data will actually allow even the failed write to be rebuilt.


Go ahead and use your spare. Did you preclear it? It is not necessary for a disk to be clear for a rebuild, but preclear is a good test anyway.


After the rebuild, you can preclear the old disk and it can be your spare if it passes.


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