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What to do for file searching?


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I'm running with mostly Windows desktops, and am using unRAID for basically all of my file storage.

"My Documents", "My Pictures" etc. are all tricked into using the unRAID SMB shares, via Windows "hard links".

This trick doesn't fool the Windows file indexing service though, so I'm wondering what you guys use when you need to search for files (both names and content).


As a workaround, I've tried "Everything" and "Agent Ransack", preferring the latter even though it doesn't have the option to build an index.

I would like to see a built-in (or at least unRAID based) solution for this. Are there any Docker projects for file searching/indexing or is there perhaps some clever trick that I'm missing?

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Currently using abeMeda trial version which allows up to 10 catalogs, which is more than number of shares I have on unRAID. Also, use Index Your Files, but this sometimes gets hung up when updating the index and seems to be very slow at updating.


Tried countless others and there seems to be countless others left to try, but sticking with abeMeda trial as it seems to be the most reliable and fastest at indexing.


I would be interested in what other people use as I would like to also index my individual drives too.

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I switched to Total Commander years ago to allow for queuing of files from my desktop to servers. F6 to cut the file, then F2 to queue. Choose another file and another dir, queue it. Then they transfer one at a time, unlike Windows Explorer. Plus, the gui is like old school FTP. Local and remote windows.


TC has "Search for" (F7) function. I can search a root directory for any keyword. There's also ctrl+s, which allows for wildcard searches. But you must be in the directory to use ctrl+s. So they both have their strong points.

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