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  1. Had a bit of time today, and I managed to get open-vm-tools compiled for 6.10-rc2! I even had a bit of luck on my side, as I was actually able to get it working with the latest VMWare Tools (11.3.5) without the ioctl "errors" spamming the event log. @doron
  2. Check your power supplies. If both are plugged into the backplane, they both have to have power.
  3. No, sorry. I just don't have time right now.
  4. Ive messed around with it and cant get it to properly compile. Unfortunately, I have no time to mess with it right now.
  5. The SM 836TQ is a great chassis, and the only chassis that I use. You will want to get some SQ power supplies, if you care about noise. However, the X8DTH is ancient and inefficient. You would be better off finding a barebones chassis, and adding your own motherboard, or finding something more modern. As soon as prices and availability are better, Im dumping the rest of my X9s.
  6. Yes, the mover does run overnight. Unfortunately, I cant disable it for a week. At the end of the day, it doesn't really bother me that the parity check basically takes a week. It was problem for a while, as I was having some crashing. I had to reboot everything to fix the crash, which of course, cancels the parity check. My RTX 4000 was overheating and disappearing from the bus. I have improved cooling and solved that issue.
  7. I use the tuner plugin. I also only run it every other month. It runs from 10PM on the first Sunday of the month to 6AM the next morning, and runs for either 6 or 7 nights. Sometimes after 6 nights it has a couple of hours, or a couple of minutes. However, for some reason, with the tuner plugin, it seems to take longer than if I were to just let it run straight through. My parity checks also slowed down when I went from two HBAs for the array to one. But, I really wanted to install a GPU, so I needed to free up a slot. Now that I have switched to 40GbE networking, I can probably remove one of the 10GbE cards, install another HBA and split the array again. HBA prices (like just about everything else) has gone through the roof. I only paid like $240 for the 9400-16i.
  8. My 16TB parity array finishes in about 48 hours.
  9. Not for very long, since they are Seagate.
  10. Sure, it works just fine. Also, on ESXi 7, you dont need PLOP. You can pass through a single USB device.
  11. I wouldn't pass through a NIC. I get almost full 10GbE speeds using the virtual NIC. I can write to cache at over 800MB/s and 130-150MB/s to the array directly.
  12. Did you pass through your controllers, or did you assign virtual disks? Those are ridiculous speeds.
  13. Correction: "SHOULDNT" use TeamViewer anymore. AnyDesk works without installing.
  14. I have stayed away from Teamviewer since they lied about their breach a few years back. AnyDesk is the way to go. Unless you pay for Pro, you cant set up an address book, but as long as you know the 9-digit address, you can connect. You can also set up a password for unattended access.
  15. Whenever I upgrade my cache, I ALWAYS use the CA Backup/Restore plugin. Its is way, way faster for backing up and restoring all the appdata. My appdata folder is about 300GB, most of which is Plex metadata. It does it in about 25 minutes.
  16. Why in the world do people have to keep being told this???? <sigh>
  17. Works just fine for me.
  18. From what I have read, its not transcoding media files, but Live TV fails to close the stream after you stop Live TV or even close the client. The devs have been working on it for quite some time.
  19. @CS01-HS Thanks! Funny enough, I couldnt figure out why my cache drive was almost full this morning. I found a 445GB .ts file in the Emby appdata/transocde dir.
  20. For me, its too slow and doesn't have enough resiliency. You are basically storing your VMs on a single disk. That being said, I haven't tried out any of the ZFS stuff in unRAID.
  21. I have an X10 system, but it doesnt currently run ESXi. Ill have to see if I have time to install ESXi on it and test. No promises though.
  22. I finally got a chance to test this. I have a VM, on ESXi 7.0u1. It boots directly from USB and its on v6.9.0-rc2. It boots just fine, with or without, hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = FALSE. I am not passing through any hardware on this test VM. Also, this VM is NOT running "Disable Mitigation Settings"
  23. I have been running that for a long time. Maybe thats why I havent seen this issue. I dont have a video card to pass through on my test unRAID VM, so I cant do any additional testing without taking down my main unraid box.