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Open Files Alert package


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Here is a little something I have been using for a long time that alerts me when there are open files on the unRAID array that will (likely) prevent shutdown.  I haven't had time to change it to a .plg plugin so I thought I'd throw it out there for whoever wanted it.


It has saved my bacon several times when I went to do a shutdown and something I forgot was running had files open on the array.


It will also show you the name of the application that has the files open and permit you to kill the process if necessary.


It adds a new tab called "Alerts" to the Main display with an icon that changes if there are any open files that may block shutdown.


Ultimately I'd like to add an alert on the Array Actions Operation page and require an extra click-through when stopping the array if files blocking dismount are open.


Unzip and use installpkg.







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Other than the support for the Alerts tab is not all this functionality already available via Dynamix Active Streams plugin?    If so might a better (and easier) way forward might be to see if a request to add the alerts tab (or some other equivalent) to that plugin would be accepted.


The Dynamix Active streams plugin already shows on the Dashboard if there are streams open so gives an indication that shutdown might be an issue, and more details via Tools->Active Streams so it seems everything essential might already be there.


Also, since the current GUI is based on Dynamix that might mean there is more chance of the functionality being integrated into the standard build?

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I am considering turning this into a plugin to help those that can't figure out why their server isn't shutting down cleanly.  Can I get your permission to do that?


Sure... go ahead.


This has features that are not in Active Streams.... such as interactively identifying and killing processes, as well as identifying loopback mounts.  It uses at the core:


lsof -F facn /mnt/disk* /mnt/user* /dev/loop* /dev/md* /mnt/cache

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