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I've been searching for any info on btrfs and snapshotting but have not found much on this forum. Specifically how unraid handles the snapshots.

To my understanding snapshots are available in hidden folders on the file system.


I am considering adding an additional drive to my UnRAID array, formatting it with btrfs and enabling snapshotting on a volume. Anyone try this?

Anything I should look out for?



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I don't think unraid utilizes any of btrfs' snapshotting features at all. It wouldn't surprise me if unraid mounted the root volume instead of creating a subvolume on the filesystem for the mount.

Running "btrfs subvolume list -p ." on my unraid btrfs disks does not return anything.


Hopefully someday it can be expanded to use snapshotting so we can have features like "shadowcopy" and previous versions of files.


But now? Nope.

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