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  1. realies

    [Plugin] Corsair PSU Statistics

    Credits to github/notaz for taking the time to reverse engineer the USB messages. Feel free to publish it on CA. Not sure what you mean by "make it compatible with the watercooling AIO's"...
  2. I am working on a low-latency/max performance host/guest configuration for a Windows 10 VM on the Zen platform and some of the material regarding virtualisation that I have read so far indicates that using Huge Pages and disabling Transparent Huge Pages improves latency to memory. Is it possible to enable this with 6.7.0-rc5, if not, possible to add optional access to `/proc/sys/vm/nr_hugepages` for a future release?
  3. realies

    Telegram Bot Notifications

    Just seeing this now. I am still using the plugin without any issues, can someone report if there's anything wrong? RE: Adding ChatID/Token text fields, am not aware this is currently possible with the way NotificationAgents.xml is parsed, perhaps @bonienl can shed some light on this?
  4. realies

    Soulseek Dockers

    @ridge, there's an issue regarding this in the source repository with a discussion on a potential fix, but I have not found time yet to work on it... it will eventually get fixed.
  5. realies

    Telegram Bot Notifications

    @Ashe , did some bug fixes that can be seen here. Did retest in a clean environment and can't replicate the issue you were having. Feel free to test it yourself (note you also have to remove /boot/config/plugins/dynamix/notifications/agents/Telegram.sh if you do change NotificationAgents.xml). Pretty sure @limetech will merge the changes for the next release.
  6. realies

    Telegram Bot Notifications

    @limetech, following this up from: @Ashe, as you can see from here, the script checks if the `chatid` file does not exist and if it doesn't it asks the Telegram API for the latest bot updates, expecting to find a message from the user in there that would get the chat id to the `chatid` file. I have recently noticed that the timestamp on the files generated by this script updates everytime an update has come through, which is something I would not expect. Will do a revision in the following days.
  7. realies

    [Plugin] Corsair PSU Statistics

    Might get to it at some point when I get to that version, feel free to do a PR if you want it sooner.
  8. realies

    [Plugin] Corsair PSU Statistics

    @rix, what does it take?
  9. realies

    Soulseek Dockers

    You're welcome - https://docs.docker.com/storage/bind-mounts/.
  10. realies

    Soulseek Dockers

    @zandrsn, maybe you should read more about the high-level abstract of how Docker and Docker volumes work or at least try it the brute-force way before asking questions of this type.
  11. realies

    Telegram Bot Notifications

    With a few extra steps, it is possible without hosting a bot middleware: https://github.com/limetech/webgui/pull/425
  12. realies

    Telegram Bot Notifications

    Happy to do a Telegram bot integration if @limetech is happy with the idea. Microservice hosting such as now.sh could do for hosting the bot router, but might need a subdomain CNAME that would go in the webGui source.
  13. realies

    [Plugin] Corsair PSU Statistics

    My understanding is that different outputs are different rails coming out of the power supply. You can use Corsair Link to figure this out better. As mentioned above, type "corsairmi" in the terminal of Unraid to see all output options and more.
  14. realies

    6.6.1 edac-util

    How do you get edac-util running on Unraid?
  15. realies

    [Plugin] Corsair PSU Statistics

    The "GPU Load" label is hardcoded to say that and it outputs the "output0 watts" value that the "corsairmi" command responds with (type "corsairmi" in the terminal for more). The name is hardcoded to say that only because this was my use-case at the time I wrote the plugin and configuration with other systems might differ. If there is demand, future versions might allow for custom labels. "PSU Load" is the "total watts" value from the same "corsairmi" command.