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  1. upgraded from 6.9.2 to 6.10.2 and a bunch of containers broke
  2. @iilied, does the latest update fix it?
  3. Multi-hop setups with Mullvad do not work. Presume due to a restriction on the "Peer tunnel address" field to have an IP from a different address pool than the "Local tunnel network pool" space.
  4. Another change, this time breaking, from a few minutes ago. All environment variables are now capitalised. This means the old pgid and puid environment variables have to be changed to PGID and PUID.
  5. Just to let you know, the Docker image has just been refactored and updated. It now uses the latest ubuntu image and noVNC package, TigerVNC to scale according to the browser viewport, deprecates the `resolution` and `resize` configuration parameters, and adds parameters to reconfigure the default umask, VNC server password and time zone.
  6. Where did you install qm from? Edit: recreating the VM also fixes it, as mentioned above.
  7. @JoeUnraidUser, thanks for figuring it out, will try it out with lower case day of the week.
  8. Setting scripts to run at a custom cron interval (e.g. 0 6 * * MON) does not work. Is there a missing dependency?
  9. @ridge, if you have a look at the readme in the repository, the variables for setting user and group ID are not in capital letters.
  10. @cen you might have swapped the container/host ports. Also, the folder mapping seems wrong. Please refer to the README.
  11. @cen, are you sure you are trying to access the container at the configured port?
  12. Upon a manual stop/start, the disks had lost their assignments. This is the second time disk assignments have been lost due to a hang. The hardware is: AMD Ryzen 1700 @ 3.8GHz AsRock X370 Taichi Crucial 4 x 16GB ECC @ 2400MHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti AMD Radeon RX 580 Kingston SV300 120GB Samsung 850 EVO 500GB Samsung 960 PRO 512GB 32TB Mixed Drive Array Corsair HX1000i Fractal Design Define R5 The RX 580 and NVME drive are assigned to the Windows 10 VM, could the AMD card be related?
  13. @iilied, you might want to reduce the auto-save period to a lower value than the default 60 to make Soulseek save its config. @ridge, just pushed an new build allowing for correct ownership using the pgid/puid environment variable pattern. Volume mount mapping and File Sharing settings within Soulseek need to be updated.
  14. @limetech any plans for something like this to be implemented?
  15. @jonathanm, apologies for using the wrong unRAID terminology and flooding the topic unnecessarily. At the bottom of my last post there's also: Updating all posts accordingly.