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I'm getting an error - Couldn't watch /mnt/disk14: No such file or directory


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I'm getting an error every few days on my array which is unraid 6.1.6

      Couldn't watch /mnt/disk14: No such file or directory


in my array I have parity and then /dev/md1 through /dev/md13 and then /dev/16

I don't have disks in the /dev/md14 and /dev/md15 slots


after this I can't access the WebGui or the array via samba from any other machines


I also get a few hundred /usr/sbin/smbd -D under various users


no commands will shut down the array


/boot/samba is missing or is that from a previous version?


With the powerdown package installed it says powerdown initiated but then it does nothing and the array "continues running"


If I type diagnostics in a putty session it says collecting diagnostics but never completes


Would this error be from a plugin?


What would be the easiest way to track this down?


I've disabled 1/3 of plugins at this point ... if it crashes in another few days I'll try 1/3 more


My array has mostly resierfs drives and it seems to be after bunker runs on particular drives ...


Thanks for your time,


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There has never been a /boot/samba.


Have you tried a memtest recently? You can select it from the boot menu.


You can also select SAFE mode from the boot menu and no plugins will run.


Get diagnostics frequently while it's working so you can post the most recent one when it no longer does.

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