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Clarifications for using githum repo


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I want to try and install django on unraid to run a simple app server.  So I ended up here: https://hub.docker.com/_/django/


But from the comments, someone posted this: https://github.com/morninj/django-docker


I added that to my template repositories list, but that repo does not show up in the container list when I go to add a container.  I also added "https://github.com/docker-library/official-images" to the list of repos but none of those dockers are part of the list.


Is there a tutorial I can follow to install https://github.com/morninj/django-docker?



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That's because there are no templates for unraid contained in that github repo.



Docker: repository is an application.

Unraid: repository is a collection of templates


Two options to do what you want:


Easiest method would be to turn on dockerhub searches in community applications and then do a search and let CA add it.




Alternatively you can manually enter in all the info yourself by following Lionel hutZ directions (link in the all applications thread)


That being said, with either option you still have to carefully read the directions on docker hub as to what volumes ports environment variables have to be passed.

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