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do i need vw hardware pass through to to get it to work ? and also whats best way to get wifi ? usb / pci pass-through or i have a wifi pineapple coming i can use ?


pfSense works as a VM on unRAID. A simple search of the forum will show you a number of case studies / example of this being done.


Rather than just point you to those I would suggest firstly for you to NOT do it**


Remember that VM's in unRAID are only available when the Array is started. Therefore IF for "whatever" reason unRAID is down, unresponsive, crashes etc then you would loose your router.


** Unless of course there are ways to mitigate this BUT I don't see what they could be. IF unRAID is not working, powered on or the Array is stopped => VM's are not going to be powered on.

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Hence the reason I went with a 1U mini-tix/dual gig ethernet board w/120G SSD - that way when unRAID is down for maint or whatever reason - the rest of the lan still has internet access




Since this post I HAVE decided to install pfsense in a VM on unRAID. I am mitigating the issues of unRAID down OR unavailable by mirroring the pfsense VM on my Backup Server allowing me to switch between the two with an Ultimate Fall Back of the old router sat there pre-configured and ready to go if both Main and Backup Servers are down.



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