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  1. i been looking at when i play games 30-40% of my cpu is used by browsers as i have a second monitor that has lots of taps open so i wana hand off the load to my unraid server with has 16 cores to use now that plex uses a gpu so whats best way to do this, is there a docker that can open my tabs play videos ect and just have 1 page open or even softwear or connect a small pc to upper moniter and have that program that means i can use my mouse and keyboard on both as lease gpu only has one job with 1 monitor im aware security could be a issue but vpn to use it from ou
  2. ah ok , well thank you for all that you do
  3. Can i request Space Engineers Dedicated Server please thanks
  4. how do i make dedicated 7 days to die server on experimental branch ? thanks
  5. im setting up pfsense in a vm and have put the nic outside of unraid when i boot the vm i only see one nic port not 4 anyone had this issue before ? thanks for any advise
  6. ok i see eth6 seems to be the 10gb on board so will check if it works
  7. i just installed a ASRock Intel Z390 Taichi Ultimate and the 10gb nic does not show up . or even lightup , i also put my old asus 10gb pci that now dont show up and reason why new motherboard would cause these issues , i have 1 4x 1gb nic , and 1 10gb asus nic and has 3 on board nic 1 being 10gb other 2 work altho i get error eth2 not connected , i did connect them all just to check tho , i know this may not be a unraid issue but where can i start thanks
  8. I have issues when booting my server it uses the dedicated GPU as it has a monitor plugged in but I want to use motherboard video for unraid and dedicated for vms , at the moment when rebooting I have to switch out the display cables , tryed setting the GPU settings in bios but it seems to fail back to a GPU with out put meaning VM will not output video Any ideas I Wana use unraid as my main pc but it seem not best idea
  9. i spoke to soon restart fixed it sort off thank god ! shares are back just not all files in disks are showing in the shares
  10. after removing a damaged disk and rebiulding array then parity drive i have messed something up i see no shares i cant make new shares i see my files in mnt/ but mnt/user (mnt/user0 missing) only cache drives are there im downloading sum important files but is there a way to fix array mapped drives? i know this all look bad zues-diagnostics-20191201-2144.zip
  11. seems ok no deleted disk from array and rebuilt not great but it worked 200mb
  12. I've run more test one drive is running 1.5mb but it's empty ? In hindsight I should of replaced it first
  13. Down to 900 kB now 140 days , almost all dockers off , pi hole and idol Plex and a VM using cache drive is all that's on
  14. I need help finding out why on earth replaying a drive is at 1.5mb/s 100days I upgraded one 3tb drive to a 10tb but it is going to take almost 4 months I have 6 onboard sata 3 6gb and 3 pci-e 4 port sata 6gb cards on a i9 server , what on earth and how can I find out what's happening and what's can I do ? Any help in what to check will help can't have 4 month no parity drive
  15. got it working it wants me to set /JTS3ServerMod/config ---> my nas
  16. im new to setting up dockers not made for unriad but i downloaded a docker via the community docker hub search with downloaded and run , but my issue is i cant find the files that i have to edit , i tryed adding pathing for /JTS3ServerMod to /appdata/jts3 but then fails to install oot@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='jts3servermod' --net='br0' --ip='' -e TZ="Europe/London" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -v '/mnt/user/appdata/JTS3':'/JTS3ServerMod':'rw' 'phaldan/jts3servermod' 7c398c6bebe8d73e002139f82e89cdae52fe26175cee706e2bc5
  17. well all my dockers turn off and vms turn off and web gui is non responding could be net work issue then and servers in another room , wire guard server i can turn on , but having 2 peers ( clients ) set up is when it fails can duplicate ips cause this on peers , i deleted both and added one back and its still online 2 hours later tho
  18. gui goes offline , all dockers and vm's turn off and have to hard reboot the system i deleted my 2 vpn peer profiles and it runs and added 1 back seems ok for now tho , but just in case there a big bug zues-diagnostics-20191113-1401.zip
  19. I really wana get this to work , well i got it to work and connect but i have a serious issue ! after activating my unraid server crashes fully somtime in 1 second and sometimes after 60 seconds need some trouble shooting steps please
  20. i have recreated docker , was easier than expected was thinking id have to redo allll the container settings hope it fixes some errors
  21. Some how after a reboot all of my dockers that have assigned ip's via virbr0 wont load , and i can no longer set a ip options are host / none / bridge im on latest beta what might i have done ? Fixed new docker settings far as i see after made new ones
  22. my bad !! zues-diagnostics-20191019-2037.zip