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Feature Req: New Permission Tool to ignore appdata folder by default


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With unRaid running docker applications, and their own unique requirements for permissions / ownership on its files within its appdata folder, the New Permissions tool can wreck some havok on the appdata folder.  (And cause the docker app itself to not work correctly if it works at all)


There are many instances of docker apps creating files within the actual array (ie: newly downloaded files) that have incorrect permissions (as far as unRaid is concerned) where the user is presented with an error from windows stating "You require permission from... to perform this action" (during deletes / renames / whatever)


By and large the absolutely easiest solution to this is to #1 - change the docker app's settings to write the file(s) with more appropriate permissions, and #2 run the new permissions tool to fix the already existing files.


However New Perms tools by default includes all drives and all shares.  Ideally, I would like the appdata folder to be excluded by default, and failing that the cache drive to be excluded by default

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