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SOLVED Computer freezes up


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I am on version 5.0.6. I haven't changed a thing in over a year, apart from changing up two drives a few months ago. Now for the fourrh time in a little over a week everything freezes up. It all seems random. This is what the screen looks like



At this point the only thing I can do is press reset!


Can anyone shed some light on this for me..

I don't see anything abnormal in the logs... actually I can't see a log dated with the actual crash time



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Disk all are working properly. Parity check came out with no errors.


What should I be looking for in the File System ?

You should stop the array and restart it in Maintenance mode.    Having done that for each disk from a console/telenet session run a command of the form:

reiserfsck --check /dev/mdX

where X corresponds to the disk to be checked.    Note that this command can take a long time to run (hours) so if using a telnet session to run the command you need to keep it open for the duration.


If any errors are found then reiserfsck normally suggest the extra parameters that need to be used on a rerun to fix the detected corruption, but it might be a good idea to check back here first as running the wrong command can lead to data loss.

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.. lol... I meant Array offline .... Thanks

you want the array to be online in Maintenance mode.  You can then run the file system check against the /dev/mdX devices (where X corresponds to the disk number in the unRAID GUI).  This will ensure that parity remains valid while doing the check (and any subsequent repair).
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