[Plugin] CA Docker Autostart Manager - Deprecated


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13 minutes ago, b0m541 said:

This plugin hasn't been updated in a while and is reported as outdated in "fix common problems".

Is its functionality superseded or incorporated by unRAID 6.8 ?

If yes, how?

If not, do you plan an update of the plugin?


I "think" all the functionality is now built in and has been for some time :)


You can change the order in which containers start by using drag-and-drop on the Dockers tab.  In advanced view you can add a delay after starting a container before the next one should be started.


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4 hours ago, itimpi said:

I "think" all the functionality is now built in and has been for some time :)


unRaid doesn't support one feature that the plugin offered:  Waiting for an IP address / port to be opened (ie: waiting for another application to actually be running), but you can work around it via time-outs.

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