Install NCDU on UnRAID, persistently

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NCDU is sort of a `du -h` on steroids package. It scans the filesystem and displays your biggest directories and files in a nice console GUI. I'd love to have it on my UnRAID server persistently. I have compiled it from the source but I lose it everytime I reboot my server. Could we have this package included by default? 


Or, would it be possible for me to install it persistently, so I don't lose it everytime I reboot my server?




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11 minutes ago, jonathanm said:

Already available in nerdpack.


Awesome, I just installed it, thanks!


11 minutes ago, CHBMB said:

You could make a slack package from it and put it in /boot/extra/ to be installed at boot automatically.


Ohh I didn't know that, will come in handy for extra packages, thanks!

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